Soon, no passwords for Microsoft Windows 10

So why does Microsoft want people to stop using passwords to log into Windows 10 PCs? That is, they could work sans passwords.

While the product page of the new Windows 1.11 is live, the app will be available for download starting July 8.

If it's not there, Microsoft advises checking again in a week or so.

This will remove passwords from all their Microsoft accounts and switch it to Windows Hello Face, Fingerprint or PIN.

The new passwordless experience is a secure and easy-to-use authentication option for customers.

The company announced that a public preview of Azure Active Directory's FIDO2 support (which enables user authentication without passwords) has officially gone live.

Microsoft is also increasing the availability of the cellphone display screen function in its Your Phone companion app to more PCs. The company is trying to strike a balance between the old way of username and password combinations and the difficulties users have in using traditional two-factor authentication.

This unobtrusive Qi wireless charging pad looks good (and kind of like a UFO ...) and easily charges all your Qi-compatible device up to 5W. Without specific hardware, the PIN will be useless. But if that person steals your PIN, he must steal your device as well. Unlike a password, it is not transmitted and stored on the server. More specifically, a private key is kept on a TPM, or Trusted Platform Module, a secure chip found in most business notebooks and desktops. It is created to perform cryptographic operations.

The update is now only available to Fast ring Insiders, and even then to only a subset of those users, but according to the official Windows Blog's post about the latest update (18396), users who are now unable to see the new setting should check back in a around a week.

Instead, you'll s ign in with Microsoft's facial-recognition software, Windows Hello.

Go to your Windows 10 System's Settings menu and select Accounts option.

The support for FIDO2 security keys in Azure AD is now available in public preview. Please note, it can take up to 48 hours before you can update to Window 10, version 1903. Users can make use of this feature to create a new event which can be accessed from the Taskbar. And it appears that this will be the mode of delivery for Windows 10 feature upgrades moving forward.

  • Arturo Norris