Houston Police Chief Torches Trump Over ICE Raids: Chase Crooks, Not Cooks

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement plans to begin raids Sunday in an effort to arrest and deport "thousands" of undocumented immigrants, The New York Times reported Thursday, citing conversations with one former and two current homeland security officials.

The protests come ahead of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids expected in at least 10 major cities, including NY, targeting undocumented immigrants with outstanding court warrants for deportation. If the word gets out, it gets out. Advocates also said many immigrants were skeptical Trump had even called off the raids - many anxious he was simply bluffing to give ICE agents the opportunity to arrest people by surprise.

Border officials are reportedly planning to carry deportation raids across ten major US cities on Sunday.

Administration officials told The Associated Press that the operation remains in flux and it's possible it could begin later.

While administration officials have called that estimate an exaggeration, they confirmed that there are 2,000 people in as many as 10 cities who have been identified as top priorities for deportation.

The raids in as many as 10 major cities had been planned for June but President Donald Trump postponed it as Congress worked on a deal to pass a $4.6 billion border aid bill.

If any government official (identifying themselves as a police officer, Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, or immigration agent like ICE or CBP) wishes to engage you in conversation, all persons, citizens and noncitizens, have the constitutional right to remain silent and request a lawyer. "Really throughout this administration, we've been doing know-your-rights and just trying to inform people what their constitutional rights are because the constitution says 'persons.' It doesn't say anything about immigration status as to the civil rights folks have in this country", Piedra said.

"We are hearing already this week about families that have seen ICE hanging out outside of their homes, and have had to send their family members into hiding", Sourov said.

The five-day operation, which "focused on immigration fugitives with a final removal order and a criminal conviction (s) or a criminal charge", concluded Thursday, according to a news release.

"We were never going to pick up that many people", he said.

ICE detainees are scheduled to be held in family detention centers in Texas and Pennsylvania.

Migrants were being told to not open their doors to ICE agents if they do not have search or arrest warrants, to record their encounters with agents, and to call immigration attorneys for help.

In 2017, ICE apprehended 650 individuals during a four-day operation, dubbed Operation Border Guardian/Border Resolve, which targeted families and unaccompanied children. "They have to go out".

Immigration defence lawyers are likely to file motions to reopen the families' immigration cases, which would significantly delay, if not stop altogether, their removal from the US. "If Trump has his way, children will be taken by the government at schools, children may come home and find that their parents are no longer there because they have been taken by ICE".

  • Leroy Wright