Trump Hosts Social Media Summit to Tackle 'Tremendous Dishonesty, Bias, Discrimination'

Marcus said Trump possesses "a businessman's common-sense approach to most things".

"That will be hard for President Trump to do without having the mega social media platforms there".

Notably, the First Amendment disallows government officials who are on social media for government purposes to exclude some people from an "open online dialogue". Alexander tweeted during the Democratic presidential debate earlier this month that candidate and Senator Kamala Harris was "not an American black".

Among the guests were Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk, conservative figures Diamond and Silk, pundit Ben Shapiro, Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz, Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe and other outspoken hardline conservative icons.

Representatives for Facebook, Google and Twitter have declined to comment specifically on the White House meeting.

The high-profile White House event raised the prospect of Trump using the forum to signal tough actions ahead by his administration against big tech companies in the areas of competition and privacy.

White House Council for Environmental Quality Chair Mary Neumayr repeatedly emphasized during the call that the President's message would be focused on touting improving environmental protections alongside a thriving economy.

Deere did not return a request for comment seeking more information about Garrison's invite being rescinded. In response, lawmakers on Capitol Hill have criticized the moves at hearings, and the White House launched a website giving people the opportunity to report allegations of political bias by the companies. Facebook and Twitter had previously said they weren't invited to participate.

"If we look at this country, I would say that we are better off today than we were eight years ago or six years ago", he said. "I have received many emails of support from my Jewish friends".

Though Wheeler claimed during the call that climate change was being addressed by the administration, it was not brought up by administration members during Monday's White House event.

Laura Cavallaro, 36, of Warwick, Rhode Island, who served on active duty in the Marine Corps from 2001 to 2005 and on inactive duty until 2009, said she hasn't decided whether she will support Trump in the 2020 election. "We're not sure if it's going to even be about policy". They don't want people to shop at those GREAT stores because he your favorite President, me! "It could be just more general, it could be vague. More than you know". Facebook, Twitter and Google have repeatedly denied these accusations.

"The Fake News is not as important, or as powerful, as Social Media".

Trump and some supporters have long accused Silicon Valley companies of being biased against them.

In April, Trump met with Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey and spent a significant amount of time questioning him about why he had lost some Twitter followers, a person briefed on the matter told Reuters. According to DownDetector, the number of complaints it received about Twitter soared from 32 to almost 70,000 in minutes.

Such hearings have often strayed far from being fact-based conversations. The two women spent the hearing spreading misinformation about social media companies.

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