Love Island’s Curtis and Amy split for good after fiery break up

However, their relationship faced its biggest test when Amy and the girls went to stay in Case Amor with six new hunky men, while Curtis and co stayed in the Love Island villa and were introduced to six new stunning ladies.

A number of anxious viewers took to Twitter last night to question how Amy was being cared for by the production team, after she was left in tears over the last few days when Curtis told her he was prepared to recouple with Jourdan Riane - if he hadn't been snubbed by her - and then dumped Amy.

Curtis is not aware that Amy has confided in Molly-Mae Hague that she is in love with him. Eugh it was disgusting.

Tuesday's dramatic episode saw Michael Griffiths and Amber Gill - who were previously among the bookies' favourites to win the current series - split, as well as Jordan Hames and Anna Vakili. I didn't ever want to hurt you.

Amy will write down a list of questions on her phone before confronting Curtis on the sun deck.

However, the only reason he chose not to re-couple with Jourdan was because she pretty much turned him down earlier that day.

Pictured are Arabella, Amber, Amy and Curtis.

So she still has feelings for Tommy, and can't deny them basically.

OK, you can't help who you have feelings for, just ask Curtis (or Maura, apparently).

Curtis says "I always say you're fantastic".

Amy says "You knew this would break my heart and you still did it".

"I realised that I had been lying to myself, I'd been lying to everybody and worst of all I'd been lying to you... But at the same time makes it clear that just because she talks like that, she is not consenting to anything with anyone at any time".

Either way, we do know one thing: if things go based off previous seasons, the finale will be taking place on a Monday. I'm deeply sorry. I do want you to know that I'm still here for you'.

As she goes to bed - on her own - she tells Anna and Molly-Mae: "I never thought he would do that to me".

On paper, it makes sense, but it's got a serious bang of "I want to be on some celebrity dance show on either side of the Irish sea, tanks" off it. Do I just really like him?

Can Amy and Curtis get back on track?

After returning to the villa from Casa Amor with Ovie, Jordan was left single but Anna was surprised to see he had remained loyal.

And a third shared: "I love Craig David but I'm so confused".

Clearly upset, in the Beach Hut Amy says: "I thought I'd met my first love and the one and it turns out I haven't".

  • Salvatore Jensen