Drake reportedly trying to woo Kawhi Leonard separately from Raptors

The Los Angeles Lakers are trying their best to lure Leonard to sign a deal with them. With the free agent pool dwindling and the Knicks realizing that they had limited opportunities to land an impact player, they panicked. This follows the team's championship celebrations in Las Vegas in which Drake flew Leonard back to Toronto on his private plane.

"If information on your presentation gets out, you're really imperiling your chance to sign Kawhi Leonard", Wojnarowski said that teams have been told while on ESPN's "Get Up" on Wednesday morning.

The Raptors were keeping the talks under close wraps, as Leonard's camp had evidently insisted.

This means that the team is either going to have to overpay certain guys or once again only sign one-year deals.

The optics of a headline stating they canceled their meeting with one of the best players in the league are certainly not good - especially combined with everything else that's happened with this franchise lately. He reportedly asked the San Antonio Spurs to trade him to the Lakers last summer.

"I'm just here to show my appreciation for what he has done for the city", says Alison Clark, one of the onlookers standing in the afternoon heat.

Tolliver spent last season with Minnesota. Make the National Basketball Association more interesting and continue to prove to us that you don't need two of the best National Basketball Association players on your team to win a championship.

Kawhi Leonard doesn't care if you're in a hurry for his decision.

For now, it's is clear that Leonard is capable of turning a team into a championship team. "Kawhi has NOT made his decision yet and all 3 teams are still in it". "Leonard's camp has been tight-lipped throughout the process - until they make an official announcement or leak word of Kawhi's decision to a trusted reporter, we're not jumping to any conclusions".

  • Salvatore Jensen