US Democratic frontrunner Biden drops in polls after debate

Warren, who has made her issue positions a central feature of the campaign, lands in second place on the economy (20% say she'd do the best job handling it) and runs narrowly behind Biden and Sanders on health care (16%) and the climate crisis (14%).

Seeing the results of the poll, the race for the potential Democratic presidential candidate against Trump has gathered much speed and competition, following the first debate. Bernie Sanders (Vt.) at 13 percent.

Ms. Harris, 54, who outperformed Mr. Biden, 76, during the last week's Democratic presidential debate in Florida has surged ahead to the second spot with 22% of the votes, according to the Quinnipiac (KWIN-uh-pea-ack) University National opinion poll released on Tuesday.

Warren's support grew to 15 percent from 7 percent in May.

The new poll from CNN is the first released after the set of Democratic presidential debates last week.

But with first nominating contests still seven months off, this is a long road. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) who attracted the most attention with a commanding performance and sharp exchange with Mr. Biden on day two. In the case of the Republicans, except for Trump so far only one other candidate, wants to pull for the party in the election. They have questioned whether she is black enough, as the daughter of a Jamaican father and Indian mother, to speak about issues facing African-Americans. Moseley Braun, who has endorsed Biden for president, said Harris's "ambition got it wrong about Joe".

Ryan went on to declare that "Kamala Harris is a threat to this White House because she is a black woman".

After all, polls have shown that Democrats are awfully anxious about beating Trump, more so, in some polls, than they are concerned about the specific policy proposals offered by possible Democratic nominees.

She pushed the former vice president to explain his record on federal busing, which he opposed as a young senator from DE, and his association with segregationists, which he has defended as necessary for compromise. "As they're test-driving each of these candidates, that's what they look at the most".

But the pessimism about the possibility of a female president was deeply felt.

It's hard not to see the impact of the debates - my winners and losers from night one and night two, FYI - in those numbers. That he's consistently been seen as the candidate with the best shot at beating Trump also plays some role.

After Don Jr. deleted his post on Twitter, Andy Surabian, a spokesperson for the president's son, told the New York Times that the tweet was "simply him asking if it was true that Kamala Harris was half-Indian because it's not something he had ever heard before". Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) said.

Biden said that he envisioned a society thru which all individuals realizes the "kid in the hoodie is also the next poet laureate and now not a gangbanger". That number is more than triple what Buttigieg raised just a quarter before, from almost 300,000 individual donors.

  • Leroy Wright