Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ shows up in hands-on images

The pictures were leaked in a video, yes, I know its ironical. But damn Samsung, what are you doing? The company had already removed 3.5mm headphone in its elusive Galaxy Fold. While Samsung and Huawei were the only ones who could get production units, we have seen renders and concepts from Oppo, Vivo and others. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is set to launch in early August.

The leaker said Samsung chose to stick to its own naming scheme and named the high-end device a "Plus" model rather than a "Pro" model as previously rumored. Samsung's newest smartphone offers a full-screen display and an intelligent battery. The live image also details the curve of the screen, the thin bezels on the upper and lower part of the device as well.

Samsung has plans to launch a "wide range of foldable smartphones" in the market, one of which will be a device similar to Huawei's Mate X.

Just when the world was settling with the idea of a foldable phone, Google has now filed for a patent that shows a foldable phone with multiple pages. Some foldable phone concepts come with a flip phone style design while others boast more than one fold.

The live leaked images of the Galaxy Note 10+ reveal the key design elements of the device. Besides, the device is quite different from Galaxy Fold and folds its screen outside. A lot of experts are pointing out that the phone makers have virtually exhausted the options to make changes in the designs of the phones and the novelty element is lost. In addition to that, the recent Huawei fiasco with the USA government is already fuelling the speculation of hiccups in the launch of the phone. We are encouraged by the excitement around the Galaxy Fold. It seems that Samsung could essentially pick up the quad or triple camera setup from the Galaxy S10 series.

  • Arturo Norris