Jean Carroll’s friends have publicly corroborated her sexual assault allegation against Trump

Trump rape accuser E. Jean Carroll continued on Thursday to make a series of freakish statements surrounding her allegation that she was raped in the 1990s by President Donald Trump, telling The New York Times in an interview that she has "not been raped".

BLAIR: Then, Carroll says, she made a bad mistake by going into a dressing room with Trump. Trump has emphatically denied the accusation and claims that he has never met Carroll.

The women, both journalists who were friends with Ms Carroll, have spoken publicly for the first time to The New York Times newspaper in a podcast released on Thursday.

Carroll says as she was leaving the department store, Trump asked her to advise him on a gift he wanted to buy for a woman.

"What they did to me on Twitter is incredible", he said.

Martin said she was working with Carroll at a cable news station at the time of the alleged incident, which she said Carroll described to her as they sat in Martin's kitchen days later. And she said, no, I just want to go home; I just want to be in my house.

Donald Trump Jr. has been among those fueling theories online that Carroll fabricated her story of his father sexually assaulting her more than two decades ago.

'I would say of Roger Ailes, "He's my future husband".

Trump said in a television interview on Wednesday without evidence that Twitter makes it "very hard for people to join me at Twitter ... and they make it very much harder for me to get out the message".

Trump has vehemently denied the claim by Carroll, a longtime Elle magazine columnist who went public last week with her description of the alleged assault. "A Modest Proposal", describes what she calls a lifetime of encounters with predatory men, starting with her early years as an IN cheerleader and pageant victor.

"We're gonna take short, quick break", Cooper said.

Carroll and Leeds are the two oldest of the 16 women to accuse Trump of sexual misconduct.

A Trump spokesman said this week that the White House is planning a July 11 social media summit but has not identified participants.

"No, it's 15 minutes of my life".

"I was slightly disordered immediately after, yes", she wrote.

In a dressing room, she claims Trump attempted to kiss her, pinned her against the wall, and assaulted her, and she managed to escape after struggling against him. However, the store said it has no record to back her claim.

A seasoned CNN presenter was visibly flustered by a freaky claim from an author who is accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault. She said, you know when Rhett Butler grabs Scarlett O'Hara and picks her up and carries her up the stairs? The label won't be applied retroactively, but will be instituted from today forward, helping Twitter provide more transparency in its decisions.

The allegations against Donald Trump aren't new as it's a cycle that has been repeated before.

Similar accusations have emerged in the past two years against a number of powerful men in Hollywood, the media and politics as the women's #MeToo movement has gained traction and shined a light on sexual harassment and violence.

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