Biden pushes smart guns as solution for gun violence during primary debate

A day after coming under attack by fellow presidential candidate Kamala Harris in a debate, former Vice President Joe Biden defended his record on Friday, arguing that the fiery exchange did not reflect his "lifetime commitment to civil rights".

"Biden reiterated, as he did during the debate, that he never opposed voluntary busing, although Harris was correct in suggesting that Biden opposed federally mandated public busing".

On Thursday night, Ms Harris described Mr Biden's previous statements celebrating his work with segregationist as personally "hurtful" for her, before recalling her own experience with busing as a child in California.

Both countenances were on display in the debate - the most watched Democratic debate ever - where she was the best storyteller on stage, mixing policy proficiency with a knack for personal connection. "And that little girl was me", she added.

In a fundraising letter to supporters, Mr. Biden said the Democratic primary "shouldn't be about the past" - but also cited his eight years with President Obama as evidence he's able to carry Democrats' inclusiveness message going forward. Warren flew above the field and solidified herself as not only a problem for moderates like Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg in this primary, but also for the poster-boy of progressiveness, Bernie Sanders. Black students started taking school buses to majority-white schools and white students to majority-black schools, often in neighborhoods far from where they lived.

"Joe Biden was right when he said it was time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans 32 years ago", Swalwell jabbed.

BIDEN: That would clearly do it.

Today in 2019, we're back to the future: Residents of Wilmington want a city-wide school district again.

It's too early to say whether Biden, an affable, but gaffe-prone figure, will see his big polling lead melt away.

MARTIN: We should say former Vice President Joe Biden called that a mischaracterization of his positions across the board.

The move followed remarks made by Biden at a June 18 fundraiser, where he detailed his working relationship with Democratic Sens.

The thing is that when Harris interrupted to gain control of the floor in order to launch her attack, it was already (at least) the second time that she had effectively shushed the other candidates. As with the first night, the streets of Miami were covered with protesters and politicos seeking to support their candidate, forward their particular issue of choice or simply get an idea of who all those people on the stage are and what visions they have for America come 2020.

What I yearn to hear most of all as a voter, though, is whether Harris is comfortable with finding "common ground", and thus offers a true alternative to Biden, who has staked his campaign on it.

This is not the first time Booker has taken aim at Biden. "However, I just became increasingly troubled by his comments", McInerney said Friday. It's a constitutional question, to protect the civil rights of every single American.

"And it was not only that", said Harris, "but you also worked with them to oppose busing".

In contrast, Obama surged to the presidency at age 47 and with less than two years in the Senate on his resume, buoyed by historic turnout among younger voters and African Americans.

  • Salvatore Jensen