United Kingdom candidates disagree on Brexit in TV debate

Britain's Conservative Party will continue to hold elimination votes until the final two contenders will be put to a vote of party members nationwide, with the victor due to replace Prime Minister Theresa May as party leader and prime minister.

Next month Conservative party members will get to decide which of the two will be Theresa May's successor.

After Conservative MPs whittle them down to two candidates by the end of Thursday, the final pair will be put to a ballot of 160,000 party members, with the victor taking over in Downing Street likely in late July.

While Hunt came second with 54 votes, Gove came third with 51, and Javid on 38.

If no candidates withdraw and three remain, MPs are then scheduled to vote again between 3.30pm and 5.30pm (1430 GMT and 1630 GMT).

Michael Gove came in second with 62 votes, followed by Mr Johnson with 157.

With an extra 30 votes on offer, following Dominic Raab's departure, there are enough votes to push Rory Stewart into the number 2 spot.

Most Interesting Moment: Michael Gove was the only candidate to readily talk of Jeremy Corbyn, echoing his success in challenging the Labour Leader in Parliament in January's no-confidence debate. It has given me a new faith in politics, a new belief in our country.

May has not revealed who she has voted for.

Mr Johnson was accused of trying to dodge scrutiny after he skipped an earlier debate and a question session with journalists.

"We've come a long way but we have much further to go".

"I think we stand a better chance with Jeremy Hunt".

She told the BBC the foreign secretary remained "a serious candidate for a serious job". There were two spoiled ballot papers.

"I can't believe anybody did that by accident".

Boris Johnson tweeted: "Delighted to have the support of over half of all Conservative MPs in the fourth ballot".

"And the question is who is his opponent going to be? If I make the final two I look forward to having a civilised debate of ideas about the future of our country".

He tweeted: "I will not be declaring for anyone today - but I will be voting". He is the only candidate with momentum and the only candidate bringing our MPs together from every side and part of the country.

The Chancellor called on candidates to set out how they planned to deliver a renegotiated Brexit deal, and what their Plan B was.

There were two spoiled ballots.

The second ballot results of the race for Conservative leadership sees Dominic Raab eliminated. "Today we back him to be the next Prime Minister".

Mr Hunt said he was the person best placed to take on Mr Johnson in the members' ballot, promising to put his "heart and soul" into the contest.

The next round of voting gets underway on Thursday afternoon with results expected to be announced at 6pm BST.

In the latest round of votes, Hunt secured 46 - three more than in last week's first vote, while Gove and Javid increased their support - by four and 10 votes to 41 and 33 votes respectively.

Mr Gove has never been forgiven for betraying Mr Johnson in the 2016 leadership contest.

But how and when the chaos paralysing United Kingdom politics - and frightening business leaders - ultimately resolves itself may only be decided by who becomes the next prime minister.

Pooling their support could wreck the chances of Jeremy Hunt, who is now in second place.

  • Leroy Wright