Trump Says Biden Is 'Weakest Mentally'

A primary is like a general election, except it is Democratic voters choosing among Democratic candidates, and Republican voters choosing among Republican candidates.

The Black Economic Alliance commissioned the survey, conducted by the Democratic polling firms Hart Research and Brossard Research, and found about three out of four respondents are enthusiastic about Biden, with Sen. He thinks his tariffs are being paid by China.

The president is expected to highlight his efforts to help farmers hurt financially from Chinese tariffs on US agriculture products, measures that were imposed previous year after Trump slapped levies on Chinese imports.

Still, Trump "should be less anxious about the illegal immigrants and a little more anxious about the huge caravan of Democrats making their way toward the White House" - and Iowa last weekend, Stephen Colbert said on The Late Show.

Avenatti, who briefly explored a presidential run and now faces a slew of criminal charges, did in fact use the line previously.

'When a man has to mention my name 76 times in his speech, that means he's in trouble, ' Trump said.

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa- President Donald Trump is going to be talking about lifting restriction on ethanol in the city Tuesday, June 11.

Three of the top four candidates in the race are age 69 or older, yet nearly no likely caucus participants say that many years of experience on Earth is an advantage (1% among likely in-person attendees call being over age 70 an advantage against Trump, 3% among virtual). Trump seeks to shore up support in a key Midwestern state he wrested from Democrats in 2016.

But just 41 per cent say it's good while crediting Trump for that. Harris, for example, announced her first local elected official endorsement more than two weeks ago, and Booker rolled out an Iowa steering committee at the start of this month.

Trump's tariffs on steel and other metals have also hit USA automakers, which are also concerned that future tariffs could be imposed on everything from critical technologies and components to fully assembled vehicles.

Biden reiterated how appalled he was by Charlottesville and the president's infamous response, saying that Trump "is a guy who does everything to separate and frighten people".

Avenatti said he wasn't bothered by Biden using the slogan. Trump has said he expects to meet with Xi, but the Chinese have declined to confirm any summit.

Trump and Biden, both in their 70s, have spent weeks firing verbal taunts at each other from a distance, jabbing at each other's character, policies and demeanor.

  • Leroy Wright