Microsoft XCloud game service to offer free streaming to phones

First, though, a bunch of Rare titles will be getting Xbox One X enhancements for anyone with a 4K TV and Microsoft's enhanced box. This beast is reportedly four times more powerful than the Xbox One X, which is the most powerful gaming system now available as per GameSpot. Backwards compatibility with existing games is promised, as are fast load times and cross-device gaming.

Hsu chimes in and confirms this saying, "Yes, backward compatible, forward compatible".

Microsoft is promising this will make the new console four times more powerful than the Xbox One X (which was, itself, originally unveiled under codename Project Scorpio). The company looks to continue in that direction, but it will now stop adding more classic games to the current console.

They say that all good things must come to an end but Microsoft is making sure it won't end on a sad note.

For the Xbox 360, a total of fifteen games will be added to the list.

Find out more at the Project Scarlett website. Xbox One's Backward Compatibility program surprised the industry for pulling off something some thought would be both technically infeasible and also a bad business move.

Microsoft said Sunday that the new console will launch alongside the game "Halo Infinite".

The same media also reported that 27 out of 32 surveyed investment analysts had rated Microsoft Corp's stock as "Buy", while 1 - as "Hold".

This generation won't be as fondly remembered by Microsoft, as Sony and Nintendo left the brand in the dust thanks to their own arsenal of high quality games that resulted in some of the finest system-sellers around. However, if you happen to own an Xbox (or three like me), you'll want to consider the $14.99 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which not only grants access to O.G.

Blair Witch is an all-new first-person psychological horror game which has been created by the makers of Layers of Fear. You want *two* flawless excuses to buy a new console? While Microsoft is finishing this generation with the world's most powerful console, at the start it was the PS4 that was more powerful than the Xbox One. "Overall, I thought it a great showing, particularly as we head into next generation consoles in 2020", analyst Piscatella said of the Xbox E3 event. The platform will undergo public testing later in the year, CNet noted.

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