Facebook stops Huawei from pre-installing apps on smartphones

Google's initial plans to cut ties with Huawei were made after Washington chose to place Huawei on the "entity list" which means that American companies must obtain a license in order to do business with the Chinese firm.

But Google is reportedly pushing back and arguing that forcing Huawei to build its own "hybrid" version of the Android operating system actually makes Huawei smartphones much more vulnerable to attack.

Plus, Huawei tends to abandon most device models (especially the lower-end ones) quickly and stop sending them updates. Read on for all the details!

An alternative operating system by Huawei presents several risks for Google. Yes, security is a concern, but Huawei has a huge footprint in China, so losing it as a customer could have serious financial implications.

This, however, is not enough to keep Huawei's sales at par with its target since a lot of smartphone users are anxious about further repercussions that could hit Huawei and ultimately lead to their phones losing valuable apps like social media.

These days, basically every Android phone you buy comes with Facebook's app pre-installed (scary, huh?). Reuters was the first to report on June 7 that "Facebook is no longer allowing preinstallation of its apps on Huawei phones..." Only basic services would be available for future versions of Android.

Facebook has suspended Huawei's ability to pre-install the social network's apps on its smartphones.

How Will This Affect Huawei? But it's not just Huawei's bottom line that might be hurt in the near and distant future, and Google has plenty of reasons to be anxious, too.

Google is of the view that if the ban stays then Huawei, the world's second-biggest smartphone manufacturer, will be left with no other option but to launch its own OS. Twitter Inc declined to comment and Booking Holdings did not respond to a request.

Besides calling, the top requirements from a smartphone are Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram.

In separate news, a report from the Financial Times claims that Google is making a case to the Trump administration that it should be allowed to continue providing support to Huawei phones. However, with this decision from Facebook, Huawei will not be able to provide these apps to the user's right out-of-the-box anymore.

  • Zachary Reyes