Should you buy the Stadia Founder's Edition bundle?

GOOGLE HAS GIVEN more details about its forthcoming game streaming service, Stadia. You can play a game like Destiny 2 on a TV using Google's Chromecast Ultra without buying a dedicated game console or expensive gaming PC. Which with a little bit of extra maths, means that a 4K game with a lengthy story will work out to one entire terabyte of downloading over 65 hours.

If you're not looking for blistering 4K resolution or immersive 5.1 surround sound, Google Stadia will include a free subscription tier.

Best answer: The Stadia Founder's Edition bundle is $129 and includes all you need to get started gaming on Stadia. The company did not discuss game pricing, but digital downloads of video games have traditionally carried the same price as a physical copy at retail.

Google Stadia Founder's Edition is available to pre-order now ahead of the launch in November 2019. For $130 Dollars / £120, you can pre-order the Stadia Founder's Edition and get a limited-edition controller, Chromecast Ultra, a three-month subscription to Stadia Pro, and a three-month Buddy Pass for a friend to try Stadia Pro. You'll lose access to the free games if you move to the Base subscription, but then get them back should you ever resubscribe to Stadia Pro. A $130 Founder's Version comes with a Chromecast UItra, a Stadia controller, three months of Stadia Professional for you and a friend. The paid version is launching this November. Bethesda will have 2016's Doom, and the upcoming Wolfenstein: Youngblood, among others. Some of the biggest franchises in gaming are already signed up, including Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed, Doom and Final Fantasy.

Among the 30 games confirmed for Google, a few are brand-new titles. The only mega-publisher that's missing-aside from rival console makers Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo-is Activision. Google Stadia will require a solid Internet connection, with a minimum of 10mbps in download/1mbp in upload to access the service, and a 35 Mbps download speed to experience it in 4K. Instead, users will be able to purchase the games they want to play as they go at full price.

One of the burning questions over Stadia was if it would follow an entirely subscription based model such as Netflix for access to its games. It will not feature any free games, however it will allow players to purchase games whenever they want.

One attractive part of the Stadia pitch is that you can pick up and play your games on any device, starting from wherever you left off.

Stadia is the latest attempt to make video game streaming take off, after attempts from smaller companies including OnLive and Shadow, as well as limited forays into the sector from Sony and Nintendo.

  • Arturo Norris