The new Apple TV app debuts on macOS Catalina

Apple Music will be your top musical destination now when it comes to finding new tunes, Podcasts will serve the same goal as it always has, and Apple TV will store your movies, television shows, and videos in one place.

Apple is officially killing its bloated iTunes app. Rumors surfaced late last week and came to fruition this afternoon.

In Mac, Apple is splitting iTunes into three separate apps: Music, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV.

Hold off on the iTunes epitaphs: Apple's iTunes Store is remaining in place, and the iTunes software for Windows will live on.

While the thirteenth iteration of iOS is expected to improve overall performance and update foundational apps like iMessage and Health (among others), users are especially looking forward to the introduction of Dark Mode.

Apple will discontinue its iTunes platform as part of a broader plan to propel the technology juggernaut into a "new era".

Apple has revealed its new Mac operating system - macOS Catalina.

Apple appears to be clearing the ground in preparation for the launch of Apple TV+, its new TV streaming service. There is no Apple Watch 5 release at this event, but we now know a lot about the software that it will run. "If you've got content purchased through Apple, it'll still be on record with them and should be accessible on compatible devices", said Alex Kidman from Finder.

The tech giant announced Monday during its yearly developers conference in San Jose, California, that it will be breaking up iTunes, the desktop application that helped jumpstart the digital music economy and made Apple a force in the entertainment industry. More than just that, iOS 13 will allow you to limit data sharing to just a single instance, requiring apps to ask you every time it wants to access your information. Other reports also say that Apple is in the process of changing iTunes links for things like apps, podcasts, and TV shows.

Apple's watchOS software, that powers its hugely popular wearable line, is also anticipated to be updated.

iTunes formally launched in 2001 but its music store, launched two years later, changed the way we buy songs and albums.

Apple has also shared a preview of iOS 13, a new iPadOS, and a powerful, all-new Mac Pro.

  • Salvatore Jensen