'Jeopardy' Champ James Holzhauer's Winning Streak Is Over

The following story contains spoilers from the Jeopardy! episode for June 3rd, which has already aired in certain parts of the United States.

On April 9's show, his fourth episode, Holzhauer shattered the previous single-game winnings mark with $110,914, besting the previous mark of $77,000 set in 2010 by Roger Craig.

If you watched Jeopardy! contestant James Holzhauer since the start of his 33-game run on the show, it was probably puzzling to you why he wagered so little during Monday night's "Final Jeopardy!".

James Holzhauer, the trivia whiz who dominated "Jeopardy!" this spring, isn't invincible after all. "So I don't feel bad about that".

For 32 consecutive "Jeopardy" games, professional gambler James Holzhauer dominated the competition en route to becoming a viral sensation. If genuine, it means that Holzhauer will end his streak after winning a whopping 32 games in a row.

He knew that Emma was overwhelmingly likely to bet what she did and, thus, his only chance of winning was if Emma did not get Final Jeopardy correct.

"I lost to a really top-level competitor", he added.

He also replied to a frequent criticism from viewers that he would "eventually beat himself by flubbing one of his big bets". His unusually low wager of $1,399 took him to a total of $24,799.

Did James Holzhauer Throw Jeopardy? "And that was what it took to beat me".

Holzhauer finished his reign with $2,464,216, which includes the $2,000 he earned in his final game.

It would appear that Boettcher won by playing the same high-risk strategy as Holzhauer - and beating him at it. He's known for starting out at the bottom of the board - thereby scoring the high dollar amounts - seeking out the Daily Double and betting it all.

But Holzhauer explained to The Action Network that he first was concerned with the contestant in third place, who had $11,000 heading into a Final Jeopardy.

Holzhauer was first on the buzzer just 42% percent of the time, Saunders said. She didn't miss, but I was still proud of my performance the whole way. Holzhauer was expected to top that number on Monday's show.

Although Holzhauer might not be able to take advantage of his own gambling secrets, the rest of us can. "Sometimes you get kind of arrogant people in Jeopardy that are just obsessed with showing off how smart they are, and Terry's not like that all".

  • Salvatore Jensen