Apple Previews New Software as It Diversifies Beyond iPhones

All iPhones older than iPhone 6s won't be compatible with iOS 13, which means the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 5s will stop on iOS 12.

Safari, Mail and Notes are getting some upgrades and while that may sound a bit boring, the headline feature is that the iPhone can now request desktop versions of webpages and Mail will support Rich Text. For the first time, Apple will let developers re-work their iPad applications so they can run on Mac computers. You also get more video editing options, not just trimming. This new mode (which is now available for Mac in OS Mojave), which will turn the bright white background in popular apps like Messages, Mail and Apple Music black while making the font white. During their two hours on stage, Apple executives made clear that the company's hardware is just as important as its software. Nor did it give details about how existing users will be able to port media libraries from iTunes to the new apps.

Apple designed iOS 13 to be more efficient and reduce app download sizes.

Apple Podcasts will now be a one-stop-shop for all your podcasts.

Public beta versions of Apple's new software becomes available in July - but exercise caution installing it on a device you rely on.

The new content will be available on an upgraded Apple TV app, which will be on smart television sets and third-party platforms including Roku and Amazon's Fire TV.

While Apple Maps has always had some flaws, it seems that they're serious about improving the experience for everyone to make it more in line with the competition.

Probably what is the single most significant update for iOS 13 was something that was covered in the iPadOS part of the presentation: Files support with full local storage. And then there's the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR.

Finally, Apple said that it had combined the development process for iPads and Macs, so that developers could create an iPad app and bring it to the Mac without needing to tweak it the underlying software.

If you've ever looked at your iPhone while laying in bed in the dark, you know the brightness of the screen can sometimes be a bit too much to take.

Apple also unveiled several new apps for its smartwatch, including independent apps that don't rely on the iPhone in another sign of the company's determination to lessen its dependence on that product.

In them, we can see the world's most influential consumer tech company trying to use privacy as a differentiator, even if it didn't go as far as some had hoped in offering new protections from the growing scourge of data brokers and apps that track us without our knowledge. Apple's improvements in artificial intelligence also hatched a new photo-management tool that picks out the best photos taken on a certain day or in an entire month or year. "You can decide if you want to share particular health data with select apps, if you'd like to share anything at all". Apple dominates the global app market thanks to legions of iPhone users who are willing to spend money on premium services for the phone. Apple described this as analogous to physically moving studio lights towards or away from the subject, changing the effect on their skin, eyes and so on as you do so.

  • Salvatore Jensen