Samsung Galaxy Note 10 design leaks ahead of the official launch

That's because a rumor says Samsung's next major camera evolution is planned for next year's Galaxy S11 instead. And oddly enough, neither will have a headphone jack or physical buttons. There are also some attempts to remove buttons that present points of structural weakness on the phone's frame and also points of ingress for minute particles and liquids. But that sample did not pass Samsung's rigorous testing.

Every time a smartphone company decides to ditch an element we've grown accustomed to have on our devices, such as the much-talked about headphone jack, the Internet breaks. It's going to have a different placement on the back of the phone compared with the previous Note, but it'll probably get most or even all of the Galaxy S10's camera features. Meanwhile, if you thought they won't because of how flop the Galaxy Fold went. Including some thinking that since Samsung started bundling those premium AKG headphones in the box, users have stopped buying headphones - because they were so good.

However, Samsung is upbeat on online prospects and is estimating that the entire online smartphone business to be roughly worth around $6 billion in India in 2019.

Android Pie updates have started rolling out for Samsung Galaxy devices since November a year ago. Specs may include 128GB of storage, 4GB or 6GB RAM, Adreno 612 graphics, and Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor. This may also mean, more Galaxy phone will arrive with such screen technology in lieu of the notch. You may, however, need to register your name via the Samsung Members app. Details about the venues for the events will also be shared via the app soon. Samsung, however, might still announce next month when it will actually launch. But, it has become more rampant recently when the Us Patent and Trademark Office approved one of its design concepts for a foldable device. It's a decision that has kept a lot of smartphone buyers happy. "We have always considered real sales figure and as per Gfk we are number since 2012".

  • Arturo Norris