Brexit Party tops European Union election polls in Flintshire

Prime Minister and LREM member Philippe said the party could not afford to trivialise the result.

In France, an electorate that voted Emmanuel Macron into presidential office in 2017 did an about-face and the party of his defeated opponent, Marine Le Pen, drew into first place.

The results will likely leave Parliament's two main parties, the European People's Party and the Socialists & Democrats, without a majority for the first time since 1979, opening the way for complicated talks to form a working coalition.

But it also dents the hopes of Le Pen, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and others who have been seeking to disrupt attempts to forge closer European Union integration.

"His popularity has plummeted mainly because of the yellow vest crisis over inequality". The party leader himself won a seat. Yannick Jadot, the party chief, called it a "green wave". France's Greens will have 13 seats after placing a surprisingly strong third, followed by eight seats for the conservative Republicans and six seats each for the far-left Defiant France and the Socialist group.

Populist far-right groups gain, however, a lot less ground than initially anticipated by the political analysts, with the advance of the right being less pronounced in Germany, where a strong showing by the Greens produced the story of the night, while the anti-immigrant Alternative for Deutschland broke the 10% barrier.

Labour's leaders say they will "rethink" their position on Brexit in light of the "disastrous" election results. For example, the Police in Munich used fences to create a perimeter around the consulate and invited all the voters to enter this perimeter, as being on the consulate's territory would have given them the right to vote even after 21:00 when the polls were set to close.

KINAL was in third place with 7.5 percent, ahead of KKE, which was projected to win between 5.5 and 6 percent.

In Germany, meanwhile, a poor performance for the Social Democrats - who will also be tested in Bremen state elections - could augur badly for the junior partner in Chancellor Angela Merkel's grand coalition.

The combined vote share for Conservative and Labour, which both favour a "soft Brexit", was 23.4 percent.

With a total of 3.4 per cent, the Scottish National Party (SNP) remarkably scored 38 per cent in Scotland, well above the 29 per cent it garnered in 2014.

Britain also voted on Thursday, and in neighboring Ireland polls opened Friday morning. The Conservatives paid a big price for failing to effectuate the Brexit.

Italy's Interior Minister Matteo Salvini, a major figure among the anti-migrant hard-line nationalists, said that he felt a "change in the air" and that a victory by his right-wing League party would "change everything in Europe".

"I am not putting claims", added Timmermans, accepting that it is the first time for the EPP and the S&D without a majority in the chamber.

The EU and its Parliament set trade policy on the continent, regulate agriculture, oversee antitrust enforcement and set monetary policy for 19 of the 28 nations sharing the euro currency. "But there are some which are not Eurosceptic - they want to stay in the European Union, but they don't want further integration - while others want to strip the European Union of powers".

But the right and the far-right have not had everything their own way so far.

Salvini has emerged as the informal leader of a group of nationalist and euroskeptic parties seeking to limit the European Union's influence on national policies, though it remains to be seen which of those parties will come together as bloc when the new European Parliament is formed.

The new balance of power will also need to be reflected in the appointment of several top EU officials, including the president of the European Central Bank. In April, he said that he would use the European elections as a launch pad for his party to fight for changes in the United Kingdom political system, which failed to deliver the country's exit from the EU.

  • Leroy Wright