United Kingdom environment minister Gove joins race to replace May as prime minister

Mr Stewart said he could not serve in a Johnson government that was prepared to accept a no-deal Brexit.

An earlier Labour Party attempt to force an early election failed in January when May's government survived a no-confidence vote.

Hancock is determined to do a compromise Brexit deal and would not pursue a no-deal policy.

"I do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country I love", said the usually reserved May.

Suffolk County Council cabinet member Paul West agreed: "It's got to be Boris Johnson".

Raab wrote in The Mail on Sunday that "I would prefer that we leave with a deal". But in these opening skirmishes of this campaign, what is emerging as the central fault line is the instincts of the candidates on a no-deal Brexit.

"I think it is much, much easier to bring people together behind a proposal if you are straightforward in advance".

Mr Stewart was scathing about Mr Johnson's no-deal stance, insisting such a position is "damaging and dishonest".

Mr Gove said at the time that he "reluctantly, but firmly" decided that he should stand against Mr Johnson. On the fourth time, May had no choice but to submit her resignation reluctantly, and which she did so with her voices cracking up and tears welling up in her eyes.

Johnson, who's considered the frontrunner in a leadership contest that could see as many as 16 contenders, staked out in a speech Friday a hardline Brexit position, saying at a conference in Switzerland that Britain should leave the European Union on October 31, whether parliament finally approves May's contentious exit deal with Brussels or not.

"There are others I've been impressed with".

The public broadcaster says most bookmakers have Mr Johnson as the favourite, in front of former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab and Environment Secretary Michael Gove. I don't think it's now Boris's to lose.

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He also said the party needed a 'leader for the future not just for now, ' capable of appealing to younger voters.

She said: "He is the one with the charisma".

"The second female PM, but certainly not the last".

A new prime minister may seek to extend the October deadline to buy more time, or may even seek the revocation of Article 50, the Brussels mechanism that kick-started the process that leads to an exit from the EU.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox refused to rule himself out as a candidate.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany would continue to "do everything it can to ensure there is a good partnership with Britain, an orderly exit, and then continuing good cooperation".

Stewart says he could not work for a leader who is comfortable with the idea of a "no deal" Brexit when Britain leaves the European Union. I have got the experience, not only a conviction Brexiteer, as a lawyer, having worked six years in the Foreign Office, I am used to these negotiations and I have seen it first-hand.

FORMER Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey, who resigned over Brexit, is launching her own leadership campaign with a tour of pubs.

The prime minister announced this morning that she would step down as Conservative party leader on 7 June to allow a leadership contest to decide her replacement to begin the following week.

Conservative MPs expected to have whittled down their party leadership contenders to the final two by this time. MPs will vote if there are more than three candidates, with those with lowest votes eliminated, until two remain. Or, for that matter, the blueprints put forward by any of his rivals.

Sir Graham Brady has also stepped down as chair of the 1922 committee in order to run, but is yet to announce it officially. Senior Conservatives including Home Secretary Sajid Javid and Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt are among those considering a leadership run.

She said European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker had great respect for May and would "equally respect and establish working relations" with any new British leader.

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