Theresa May's successor won't get better Brexit deal: Irish minister

The Conservative party leader announced on Friday that she would step down on June 7, having failed to secure parliamentary approval for her Brexit deal.

May will stay on as a caretaker prime minister until the new leader is chosen, a process the Conservatives aim to complete by late July.

After candidates come forward, the 313 Conservative lawmakers vote in a series of elimination rounds.

European Union leaders expressed respect for May, and stressed they would not renegotiate the Brexit deal. It leads to the resignations of Brexit Secretary David Davis, Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and others who favour a more complete break with the EU.

The final two candidates are put to a vote of the full party membership across the country, about 120,000 people.

The party had 124,000 members as of March 2018.

A Cabinet mutiny and the prospect of the backbench 1922 Committee allowing another motion of confidence in her leadership eventually forced the Prime Minister's hand.

May skipped this stage in the July 2016 leadership contest because her last remaining rival, Andrea Leadsom, withdrew.

"I'm going to go for it, of course I'm going to go for it", he told a crowd at the British Insurance Brokers' Association event.

European leaders will tell whoever wins the keys to No 10 that Britain needs to make a choice quickly between the current deal, including the Irish backstop, crashing out without a deal in November, cancelling Brexit or holding a second referendum.

The pound and British stocks rose after news of May's resignation, as some investors appeared to hope it could unblock the political stalemate over Brexit, though analysts warn it could simply mean another delay to the European Union departure.

It means May still has the task of hosting US President Donald Trump during his state visit early next month.

Her latest plan to publish the Withdrawal Agreement Bill on Friday - the legislation required to bring the agreement into United Kingdom law - angered many Tories.

"I have done everything I can to convince MPs to back that deal", she said. Unimpressed by changes to the deal and with potential new leaders already jostling for position, they have ensured her time in Downing Street is coming to an end in near total humiliation. It fell back down over the past two days, to around $1.26, but following her resignation speech Friday, it shot up to $1.27. May went through three Brexit secretaries, all of whom quit over her strategy.

June 23, 2016: Britain votes 52 per cent to 48 per cent to leave the EU.

Meanwhile, The Guardian has a look at the Tories expected to enter the leadership race. In fact, she has seen more resignations than Tony Blair or Margaret Thatcher saw in 10 years.

The Environment Secretary's odds of becoming leader have jumped up and down over the past few months, fluctuating from favourite to purely making up the numbers.

That includes May's victory in 2016: Johnson was the frontrunner before being knifed by running mate Michael Gove and dropping out.

The global development secretary was promoted to Defence Secretary following Gavin Williamson's sacking at the start of May, which has increased her stocks. The Conservative leader won praise for her determination and ability to survive what often felt like a three-year political crisis since the referendum vote. However, her own MPs' patience ran out.

  • Salvatore Jensen