United States abortion rights activists protest against ‘war on women’

Advocates also worry that the bad press generated by the restrictive laws could impact recruitment of qualified doctors to states like Georgia and Alabama, which have among the highest rates of maternal mortality in the country.

The largest local protest took place in West Hollywood with a news conference and rally outside West Hollywood City Hall Tuesday morning. "You know, protesting our whole lives". "And I think 2020 - it's gonna be the year for that".

Fichter mentioned, "You have states like NY that are trying to get ahead of the curve to say "we don't care what happens with Roe v Wade". The events have been promoted on social media using the hashtag #StopTheBans. But opponents to abortion access want to take that battle up to the U.S. Supreme Court - which they believe leans in their favor with the addition of Trump appointee Justice Brett Kavanaugh - in the hopes that the court will overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark legal case that established a constitutional right to an abortion. Janin says she won't let that happen.

"I had postpartum depression and then severe delayed postpartum and that's what I was dealing with", she says.

His remarks come after Missouri lawmakers passed legislation on Friday to ban abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected, becoming the eighth state this year to pass strict pro-life abortion laws.

The anti-abortion movement has thus far focused on making it harder to get the procedure via restrictions like requiring admitting privileges for doctors, imposing onerous licensing standards, demanding specific widths of corridors and requiring for multiple visits before an abortion is performed - rules that both increase costs and create barriers to access.

"New added of such states, "The Democratic Party has moved pretty aggressively to the Left on the sanctity of life issues". Those who treat women like chattel should be ashamed.

Biden has long had to navigate the complicated politics of abortion. They repeal the Parental Notice of Abortion Act of 1995 that requires minors to inform a parent or legal guardian or get a waiver from a judge before having an abortion. "I shouldn't have control over your body, you shouldn't have control over mine", Woldeab said.

That position is at odds with statements in recent days by several leading Republicans, including McDaniel, who have expressed opposition to Alabama's law because of its lack of exceptions.

Alabama is joined by Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky and Georgia in passing similar bills this year limiting abortions.

For some participants, the series of antagonistic state laws has an inevitable association with future elections, particularly the 2020 presidential race.

Symone Bailey shared her story of her abortion to the crowd. The ban on bags and purses is because of security concerns and the ban on children is because of protesters, Brewer explained after she was off the phone. "Our voices are powerful", the group said on Twitter.

Employees at abortion clinics in Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana told ABC News they are receiving non-stop calls from patients, mostly with the same concerns: has abortion been outlawed, has the clinic closed its doors, should appointments made for the future be pushed sooner? Their gender doesn't magically mitigate the harm of anti-choice laws on women as a unit, who will experience higher maternal death rates and negative pregnancy and health outcomes as a direct effect of abortion bans.

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