United Kingdom will definitely hold European elections: Minister

Theresa May dismissed the criticism saying that Conservative losses in the recent local elections were not related to her leadership of the party.

Labour can "unite our country" and heal the divisions caused by Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn will say, as he launches his European elections campaign later.

That's led her to seek a treat Labour - into the fury of both Conservatives, that are demanding the resignation of May.

May deeply regretted the United Kingdom having to take part in the elections, her spokesman said, describing the prime minister as determined to find a way to get a deal to leave the European Union over the line.

Downing Street and Labour confirmed the talks will continue next week.

The election will see a crowded field with the new Change UK party, made up of former Labour and Conservative MPs and Nigel Farage's Brexit party vying for votes alongside the main parties.

At a press conference in London, he said: "For us, these European elections on May 23 are but a first step".

Speaking on ITV's Good Morning Britain on Wednesday, the Leader of the House, Andrea Leadsom, said she was "seriously considering standing" to be prime minister.

Ms Leadsom, who stood for the leadership in 2016 but pulled out to give Mrs May a clear run at the job, told ITV1's Good Morning Britain: "I've supported her for the last three years to get Brexit over the line".

"But it is clear that the prime minister wishes and is determined to do her best and secure our departure from the European Union with an early second reading of the legislation and that her departure is tied very closely to that process", he told the BBC.

When asked what should happen if May failed to set out her own timetable for departure, he said: "It begins to get much more messy".

And if Labour signs up to a deal that includes those goals I think a majority of Labour MPs will support that position.

But while he slammed the Conservative government for its handling of Brexit he also called into question calls for a second referendum as part of the People's Vote movement. Amid theBrexit deal pressure, May is presumably set to leave office after the parliament approves the deal.

May's spokesman said a further negotiation session with Labour would take place on Tuesday starting about 4pm (1500 GMT).

Williamson was accused of being responsible for a national security leak, but he has claimed he was forced out for political reasons amid the growing uncertainty of May's time in Number 10.

Some Tory MPs are predicting his statement, which they expect after PMQs on Wednesday, could be as sensational and wounding as Sir Geoffrey Howe's bombshell attack on Margaret Thatcher in 1990.

  • Leroy Wright