Samsung Galaxy Fold release decision coming 'in a couple of days'

Following Samsung's decision to cancel the launch of its foldable phone, the highly-anticipated form factor was noticeably absent at the Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California this week.

Samsung has emailed all those who placed a pre-order for the Galaxy Fold with a Yes, I would like to keep my order link for those who don't mind waiting for the £1,800 ($1,980, €2,000) handset to ship. That will depend in part on whether or not Samsung has figured out and fixed the issue (s) that plagued the Galaxy Fold's initial launch, as the company claims it has.

The second issue is of users (reviewers, for now) mistakenly peeling off the protective layer - this could be easily addressed by displaying a more prominent warning or a message.

Originally, the Fold was scheduled to launch on April 26, but that date was scrapped after some of the early review units started breaking down. Now, in what may come as great news for Samsung as well as those looking to buy the device, Samsung is believed to be announcing a new launch date in a few days time.

The recall isn't embarrassing just for Samsung, but also Google.

While Samsung was not quite as lucky in the full-blown foldable tech department.

According to Queiroz, foldable phones are nice for people who want to extend the size of their screen, but that's probably not enough for the product to succeed. A subsequent iFixit teardown (which the website later removed at Samsung's request) said that the problem was that Samsung had failed to include sufficient protection against debris between the device's OLED screen and chassis bezel. All that is clear for now is that Google won't be officially announcing one into the market anytime soon. At the time, Samsung said it will use the time to investigate reported cases. We're hoping the device will be ready by next month. That doesn't mean Google will go the same way with its Pixel foldable.

For pretty much as long as we can remember, Samsung has been reportedly cooking up a category-redefining foldable mobile device.

  • Arturo Norris