Ruling ANC takes early lead in South Africa election

Find everything you need to know about the 2019 National and Provincial Government Elections at our News24 Elections site, including the latest news and detailed, interactive maps for how South Africa has voted over the past 3 elections. The currency gained for a second day on Wednesday, as the vote proceeded peacefully.

"Black South Africans have voted for the DA, white South Africans have voted for the DA".

He has promised to improve service delivery, create jobs and fight corruption. There is now a commission looking into high-level corruption under the Zuma administration.

But the ANC's list of parliamentary candidates contains many hardliners who are opposed to Ramaphosa's reformist agenda and could frustrate his initiatives in parliament.

The South African consitution allows a candidate a maximum of two five-year terms.

Poor weather across much of South Africa may be to blame.

There are 48 parties to choose from - more than at any election since the end of white minority rule in 1994.

Queues are building at polling stations across the country as voters cast their ballots in parliamentary and provincial elections.

The news that some IEC voting stations ran out of ballot papers early Wednesday morning and the issue of the indelible ink were popular discussion points. "Most of the people are not voting because they are afraid", said Lala Rosetta Ramaoka, 21, before she cast her ballot at the Mponegele Primary School in Seshego, eastern Limpopo province.

"People are beginning to understand what democracy is". Kenya and Rwanda also make provisions for same during their presidential polls.

Since he took over, the South African economy has shown signs of recovery with the country's relations with the worldwide community also improving.

South Africa is still among the most unequal societies in the world with the divide between the rich and poor glaring 25 years after independence.

Opposition parties have leveled corruption allegations against the ANC leadership, which according to observers have dented its image. He denies any wrongdoing. President Ramaphosa is not only a refreshing change from the Zuma era but is a business savvy leader who understands the inner workings of the economy.

The ANC took 62% at the last general election in 2014.

If confirmed by later results, the high scores mark a breakthrough for the DA, which appointed its first black leader, Mmusi Maimane, in 2015. His supporters have said the ANC faces a "moral crisis".

The ACDP has garnered 64,966 votes and former DA strongwoman Patricia De Lille's GOOD looked nearly assured of at least one seat in the National Assembly with 40,164 votes. Of the 47 opposition parties in the race, only the main opposition centrist DA and the radical-left Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) are major players.

The Mail and Guardian also has a live elections 2019 results dashboard, supplying information about the national vote and citizen votes in their respective municipalities. Enforced land redistribution is also ANC policy - alarming some investors.

Founded in 1975 as a political and cultural movement, it transformed into a political party 15 years later and has had only one leader: Mangosuthu Buthelezi, 90. "We have the lowest voter registration among young people than we have ever had", South Africa-based social analyst Tessa Dooms told NPR. But its support fell under Zuma, and it lost control of big cities like the commercial capital Johannesburg in local government elections in 2016.

  • Leroy Wright