Android Q gets a dark theme and support for 5G networks

The search giant will begin it's annual Google I/O developer conference on May 7, 2019.

Google states Assistant is going to be able to book tickets and cars with forms on Android phones.

Google hade made its boldest move get to dominate the smartphone market, announcing a new low-priced smartphone line that starts from just $399, including most of the features you'd find it Apple and Samsung's "affordable" phones the iPhone XR and Samsung Galaxy 10e.

The new Pixel3a comes with a big brother named Pixel 3a XL.

If you often make purchases from the Google Play Store, then you'll know that there are a fair number of options available to you.

The feature has made a ground appearance because Google has changed data processing on the Assistant. Remarkably, the search titan has managed to compress the 100 GB data to a bite-size 0.5 GB, which can be stored in the device easily. Google also plans to make Family Link part of every device that has Digital Wellbeing (starting with Android Q), plus adding top-requested features like bonus time and the ability to set app-specific time limits.

"In order for the system to understand what you're saying, it needs to understand your world", explains Google's Manuel Bronstein. The technology behind this, called Duplex, was released to much fanfare previous year when Google demonstrated it making a call to book a restaurant reservation.

There are times when you're at work and you want to focus on tasks without being distracted by the apps on your phone. After 8 years of silently exiting in phones, Android Beam is silently being removed from Android completely. To turn this on, just head to Settings System Gestures "System navigation". It is likely that Android Q will be required, which means that the rollout could be limited by how quickly Google's partners can update their current or future phones.

With the upcoming update, the Assistant will start learning your habits. Hence, Google has become the right choice and has filled the gap of providing a high-end device at an affordable rate.

  • Arturo Norris