Microsoft Edge Insider builds for macOS leak ahead of public release

The new Edge will use this same list to determine when to use Internet Explorer. Microsoft says that IE mode "solves these problems" by rendering legacy IE content inside of Microsoft Edge.

As the Edge browser is already available for Android OS, Microsoft is planning to make the Edge browser as a universal internet browsing tool, and the company can attract a lot of audience with an Edge browser tailormade for macOS. However, the browser's popularity waned, and Microsoft stopped supporting it, and instead concentrated on Edge.

By far the most impressive feature on Microsoft Edge is the "Collections" support.

The other big improvement is focused on developers more than users. It leverages cloud-powered intelligence to export your research to online Office apps and arrange the information automatically in a logical way. "Balanced" prevents third-party trackers from sites the user has not visited before.

Lists of products like the one found on Amazon could also be easily copied and pasted into collections for easy comparison. This also means that you can not right click on the extension's icon and remove it like you would a normal browser extension. Beginning July 1, all Microsoft ISVs with published offers in AppSource or Azure Marketplace will have access to a new distribution method through Microsoft's worldwide reseller channel. That's what Microsoft is aiming to explore with Fluid Framework, a "componentized document model for shared interactive experiences".

Until now, browser life on Windows 10 for those on the developer preview has been a tale of two apps.

Abandoning this failing strategy, Microsoft chose to adopt Chromium, the open source browser engine that forms the basis of Google Chrome and several other smaller browsers.

At Build, Microsoft said it's also open sourcing Q# compilers and simulators to grow the community of Q# developers and unlock new opportunities for partners and startups to enhance their offerings for their own businesses.

Here's hoping that's something Microsoft improves on before an official beta of Edge launches for macOS.

  • Arturo Norris