HBO has edited out the infamous 'Game of Thrones' coffee cup

Though HBO would likely love to have him in the writer's room, King is obviously no more knowing about such finales than we are. It's sad that with all that time away, they didn't craft what should have been the flawless final season.

Comparing episodes 3 and 4 is slightly apples-to-oranges, given that the former was the longest episode in the series' history.

The reputation HBO has for its meticulous attention to detail in Game of Thrones has left them somewhat red faced at such an obvious oversight, but in a mea culpa tweet, GOT admitted its gaffe.

This is a post about the latest episode of the hit HBO fantasy show Game of Thrones, and as such includes plot points from the latest episode (commonly known as spoilers).

While she did come away victorious in the Battle of Winterfell, it did decimate her forces, and now she is down to just one dragon. Euron also captured Daenerys' trusted advisor, Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel). He's finally proving his worth, too, if this new image is anything to go by - and could be the only thing standing between Dany and Cersei. Unless Tyrion and Sansa (and maybe Arya) pull something off, Cersei may have the ultimate victory on her hands.

The placement of the cup garnered so much attention because it was incongruous to the setting of "Game of Thrones", said Noah Mallin, head of experience, content and sponsorship at media agency Wavemaker.

But many fans have interpreted it as "We skimped on the CGI budget".

Several of the other photos are back at Daenerys' homeland on Dragonstone, with Dany herself seen leaning against a wall, incredibly distraught.

Fans originally thought the white debris was snow because of the White Walkers. "We don't know if they survive". If that is true, then Daenerys might be about to fulfill her destiny as the Queen of the Ashes, especially if she burns King's Landing to the ground. Titled, GOTcast, we hope to have one platform where we discuss all our thoughts as the six episodes of the last season unfolds.

When contacted by Business Insider, Starbucks referred us to their earlier statement, which read: "TBH we're surprised she didn't order a Dragon Drink".

  • Salvatore Jensen