Google plans to build multiple generations of affordable Pixel phones

Naturally, Google saved the best for last when it introduced a line of new Pixel phones created to be far more budget-friendly. Still, Google traditionally uses I/O to officially unveil some of its more exciting new products and services - with a focus on Android, of course - and this year is no exception.

As Google has made very clear, the company wanted a Pixel experience with a mid-range price tag, and they've definitely achieved it. The new Pixel 3a phones will also come with a much-wanted perk: a 3.5mm headphone jack. The cases. The price. With this new Pixel series, Google will foray into the mid-budget smartphone market. There is no word on whether the Pixel 4, which is expected to launch this fall, will follow that lead. Both sport polycarbonate bodies and have nearly the same screen size. While the leaked specifications are in line with what we've come across in previous leaks, the feature set indicates that the Pixel 3a will support Night Vision for low light photography, 18W fast charging support, and Titan M security chip among others. "We were thinking that we have an wonderful experience and we want to bring it to more users", Jobanputra said.

We'll have to spend some time with the Pixel 3a to see whether there is any truth to those claims, but the sample photographs taken by Google are pretty incredible.

Samsung was expected to be the first smartphone maker to release a foldable phone this year, but it was forced to delay its premiere last month after early reviewers had problems with its screen. Here's what we anticipate on the Android, apps and connected device fronts.

These modules, despite encompassing a core service of the Android OS, will work similar to Android apps and will receive security updates packed similar to how all apps receive their updates from the Google Play Store.

Google cut its fan-favourite Nexus line of smartphones and exited the mid-range market with the launch of its first Pixel smartphones in 2016, which cost at least £599 and were created to take on Apple's dominant iPhone. Amazon's device costs $230.

Google Stadia is Google's foray into online gaming streaming services and allows users with a high speed internet connection to play the latest high spec'd games.

The new privacy control called "Incognito" is being offered by Google as tech companies face intensifying scrutiny over the amount of user information they collect and sell for advertising.

If Google stays true to its word then we can expect a full reveal to take place on Wednesday. At the keynote, Google also offered a peek at Project Euphonia, which aims to improve speech technology for people who have conditions that affect the way they speak.

The event is happening on May 7th starting at 10AM Pacific which will be 8PM East African Time.

  • Zachary Reyes