Facebook Dating is now available in Malaysia

However, of the various updates and improvements announced, the biggest update was to Facebook. By default, it won't suggest your dating profile to your current circle of Facebook friends and you can also opt out from recommending friends of friends to you. Numerous things the company announced today won't become real until later in the year or next year.

We covered the initial test run of Facebook's first dating features here, and not too much has changed since then (it's basically a dating app but within Facebook). Finally one of the most sought after items is coming - a desktop app for MacOS and Windows.

Zuckerberg, who at one point stood in front of a giant display reading "The future is private", acknowledged widespread skepticism of his plan to turn Facebook into a "privacy-focused" social network. The company is also adding its WhatsApp service to Portal for users who want to use encrypted messaging to shield their conversations from prying eyes. Well, at its yearly F8 conference today, Facebook announced it's bringing that weird fuck-y energy back to the platform with a new feature called Secret Crush. "Facebook has a criteria to determine if an account is fake or not", Hung said.

Instagram also announced today, via a company blog post, that starting next week, "you can shop inspiring looks from the creators you love without leaving Instagram". Still, in its press release, Facebook says if your crush isn't on Facebook Dating, doesn't have a Secret Crush list, or just doesn't put your name on it, your unrequited love will remain a secret.

Messenger will eventually use encryption technology that will make content indecipherable to anyone but the sender and recipients. On this last front, Facebook said early tests showed it could reduce the size of the app from around 127MB to less than 30MB.

In September previous year, Facebook rolled out Facebook Dating features in Colombia as a test run.

The feature could mean that you end up chatting to the dreamy lad you met on holidays past year or even reigniting things with the boyfriend you had when you were 13, who knows?

A completely re-engineered service will roll out "later this year", featuring video sharing and a desktop app. Technologists also have taken issue with popular social media platforms that place engagement metrics at centre stage, encouraging users to maximise those figures by spending more time on the site and perpetuating feedback loop of notifications and social validation.

  • Arturo Norris