Eyebrows Raised as Zuckerberg's Privacy Joke at Facebook Conference Falls Flat

To conclude with the theme of privacy: Facebook has defined 6 principles that will apply to its products.

"WhatsApp already has a strong privacy focus, the focus now is to build ways users may want to interact in the digital living room", said Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook's annual developers conference F8 yesterday. "I am committed to doing this well". The changes, announced Tuesday at its F8 Conference in San Jose, California, highlights Groups and makes it a bigger part of the overall Facebook experience. Clearly, Facebook is future-proofing its services for the impending News Feed-less era, which is why the company will surface more content from Groups on the News Feed instead of usual items found there. Several changes have been announced and below you can learn what will be different for each service offered by the company.

The overhauled mobile app unveiled Tuesday by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is supposed to make it easier for the social network's more than 2.2 billion users to find other people with common interests by connecting through its groups features.

Besides unveiling a new quicker and lighter Messenger app with end-to-end encryption, and new features for Instagram and WhatsApp, Facebook announced today some changes that are being made to its flagship app.

Two of the newest virtual reality headsets from the company, Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift S, start shipping May 21. These things will roll out later this year but the new Facebook app has already started in the USA and selected markets.

Messenger for Kids is a cleaner, safer version of the original app. The company in the next few months plans to add a template directly into Ads Manager that will let advertisers run lead-generation campaigns in Messenger, per an announcement shared with Mobile Marketer.

A new feature called "Secret Crush" will let people signal which friends they are interested in romantically, but only letting the object of their fancy know it if that person makes similar interest known on a private crush list.

The new Spark AR Studio now supports both Windows and Mac and introduces new sets of features for collaboration. On the other hand, if the person on the list happens to be on Facebook Dating, they will be notified of the same. Namely, the massive amount of data Facebook collects to power its multibillion dollar advertising machine. It has spent large amounts of money and energy trying to address the issues and fix its reputation.

Facebook revealed in its latest quarterly earnings report that it expects to take on a one-time charge between $3 billion and $5 billion related to a settlement with the Federal Trade Commission. He has used media interviews, an appearance in front of Congress, and his own Facebook posts to repeatedly apologize for the company's mistakes and promise to do better. Despite, the company's motives, the feature should attract some who have avoided Messenger for just that reason. The device debuted in the US during last year's holiday season.

In case you're wondering when this new redesign will be rolled out for you, the smartphone apps will start seeing these updates in the upcoming days.

  • Arturo Norris