Free newborn photography for royal baby birthdays

Markle and the family have been low key about the due date, so of course, speculation will swirl whenever there is the slightest hint that Markle might have gone into labour.

Speaking to The Post the source said the perfectly polished look had put Meghan off the much sought after photo shoot following the birth, especially after Kate Middleton had emerged looking immaculate following the birth of Prince Louis.

Britain's Prince William and Kate, The Duchess of Cambridge, arrive to attend the Easter Mattins Service at St. George's Chapel, at Windsor Castle in England Sunday, April 21, 2019. "The royal family is not totally unused to that kind of thing".

For those of you blissfully not in the loop, we'll fill you in. What is being said about William makes Kate feel uncomfortable, and she believes in her marriage, not the nasty rumors floating around.

Harry faces less pressure to conform to royal protocol than William because of William's role as a likely future king - he will follow his 70-year-old father Prince Charles to the throne.

The global power couple are still British royalty and, while we're happy to have such high profile celebrity residents, the coloniser is simply not welcome.

After having published its own version of the rumors about Kate and Rose's alleged "rural rivalry", the Daily Mail later published an article refuting the allegations. The past few days, Twitter has been filled with people lamenting Kate's fate, expressing their outrage and fury over William's supposed actions and handwringing about the state of their marriage. Things like, will the baby be a boy or a girl? However, they ignored reports because of the lack of evidence.

Despite an abundance of recent claims that the newly-minted parents are already welcoming their firstborn's arrival "in private", as sneakily suggested in a statement by the extended royal family, one small detail appears to have confirmed something different, giving away the truth.

"Interest in Meghan's child or children will obviously be seismic as she is our first American princess and her children will have both royal and slave ancestors", Foster said.

"We will never forget the sacrifice of the Anzacs".

Again, we don't know and the Palace isn't sharing anything.

  • Salvatore Jensen