Brendon Urie And Taylor Swift Are Opening The Billboard Music Awards

Swift has also done things like made sure to work in her favorite number, 13, throughout many of her music videos.

Kelly Clarkson's new video for "Broken & Beautiful" ought to give Swift a run for her money this week; the clip features an adorable guest appearance from Clarkson's daughter, River Rose.

Taylor Swift has just released her new song and music video titled "ME".

Turns out, the cryptic posts on her Instagram are actual scenes from her new video. Is she engaged? Is she releasing a new fragrance? The track sounds simply incredible and is a ideal treat for all the die hard Taylor Swift fans!

Fittingly, the song is part of Taylor's upcoming seventh album, which she has yet to officially announce. With larger-than-life sets such as unicorns and detailed references to her previous releases, the music video is a prismatic wonderland. In other Swift news, she and Urie will open the Billboard Music Awards with a performance of their new song.

"ME!" will undoubtedly become a super hit in the U.S, I mean we're talking about Taylor Swift here, but that doesn't mean all of her music is incredible. A snake tries to bite her but then immediately disappears into smoke. She also rocked a new pink-dipped hairstyle, which many began speculating was courtesy of friend Hayley Williams' own Good Dye Young. While this banger is the definition of pop, the cowboy boots (along with the "Goodbye Earl" singers painting) seems to indicate Taylor is going back to her country roots.

And I mean... who can blame her.

"Next clue: I'll be joining the magnificent @robinrobertsgma for a chat tonight on ABC live from Nashville", she said.

The pop star didn't happen to mention the little one's name, but we have to imagine he's named after a TV character to join sisters Olivia (AKA Olivia Benson) and Meredith (AKA Dr. Meredith Grey). "Over it ... I feel like we'd all moved on", she said. Yes, and I'm not the only one-read this play-by-play Shannon Keating penned for Buzzfeed News. Is this her way of saying that she's not engaged in real life?

  • Salvatore Jensen