9 ways to watch Lena Headey other than Game of Thrones

The images don't spoil the outcome of the battle or even really show much of the carnage that's about to go down, but instead give us an eerie feeling of calmness before disaster is poised to strike.

And while we aren't going to any financial action on such bets, we are interested in knowing who you think will be the first major character killed in this Sunday's episode. Speaking of whether they can talk, we don't know yet as we haven't seen them communicating, but as per booksWhite Walkers have their own language. "The thing I've put the most hours into was is how, in Episode 3, how to not have an audience feel battle fatigue", Sapochnik added.

With that sort of magic defending both the living and the dead from the Night King's influence, suddenly the Stark ancestors siding with their home and not the enemy, makes a lot more sense. As per the theory, Bran will turn into a White Walker to beat the Night King. As the camera pans over the waiting army, Sansa Stark narrates.

Anyone in the crypts (except for Tyrion) is in strife, folks.

The courageous commander of the Dragon Queen's Unsullied Army, Grey Worm has featured prominently in teaser trailers leading up to the final season-all of them highlighting his lingering kiss with Missandei and his position at the frontlines of the defense. While many would probably love for these two to fall in love, (also, imagine how delighted Ned Stark and Robert Baratheon would be, knowing their children like each other) this is "Game of Thrones" we're talking about, and nothing happy happens.

The Game of Thrones team spent more time and effort filming this episode than any before, so hopefully it'll be worth it.

"I have a bit of inside information about who is alive in one of the episodes, but I'll share that down the line", Rodgers said.

I don't think the Starks of ages past, so focused on the coming of winter, buried their dead with iron swords because they were stupid men. The Night King and his army has breached the wall and marching south to fight it out.

New spoiler pictures have been released, and they cast serious doubt on the fate of two fan favourites.

With schedules already cleared for your Monday nights and dinner parties planned, here's everything you need to know about this year's most anticipated cultural event as we get closer and closer to the finale.

  • Salvatore Jensen