Did Brienne finally get knighted in Game of Thrones Episode 802?

His other piece of advice?

Oh and did Bran throw in the little detail that "YOUR BROTHER PUSHED ME OUT OF A BLOODY WINDOW" at any point?

Gendry's age, on the other hand, has never been confirmed - in both the show or the books. In a bit of excellent acting, Daenerys proves her love for Jon to Sansa in a wholesome and believable bit of vulnerability and honesty. Daenerys approaches Sansa and extends an olive branch, and the two actually appear to quash their differences for a moment. What will happen to the North?

At that time, Theon Greyjoy arrives in Winterfell and Sansa tearfully hugs him, much to the surprise of Daenerys. Like Tyrion (Peter Dinklage), Jaime can see their sister, Cersei, for what she is - and to recognize that their shared last name is no longer enough to make Cersei his lodestar.

Davos and Tilly share a soft, slightly frightened moment when Tormund, Beric, and the remaining Nights Watch return to reveal that the battle will begin before dawn. The goal is to get to the Night King.

As for the idea that the Three-Eyed Raven is the only one who is the keeper of the stories of Westeros, Sam seems rightfully concerned and backs up Bran's assumption that the Night King would come straight for the Three-Eyed Raven. Or you meet them quite early on, so you don't know each other so well when you are being intimate with this other person. The relationship between Jaime and Brienne continues to be delightful in a key scene later on with Jaime essentially asking for her to be his leader.

Dany and Sansa finally get to thaw some of the icy vibes they shares, as they talked about things they have in common. Maybe we'll find out eventually. It then thrusts Jamie into awkward conversations with various individuals at the castle who he's wronged throughout the last decade, as it's noted that he's caused a lot of pain for many who have decided, for the most part, to let bygones be bygones as they attempt to fight for their lives against the undead. Just get it over with.

Jaime and Tyrion reunite in the middle of Winterfell, receiving angry looks form Northerners. In a way, things were simpler in the past, all the way back in Season 1.

Arya, after leaving the Hound and Beric on the wall, goes to practice her archery.

Arya visits with Gendry, who is hard at work making Dragon Glass weapons. She then added she may have spoiled something. Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) expects to die, and so on. Tyrion jokes about how he thinks they will somehow survive before Jaime knights Brienne.

Jaime later anoints Brienne as a knight much to her happiness. She doesn't trust Jaime. It's called "Seven Kingdom Army" performed by.

That's when Podrick starts singing "Jenny's Song". Seeing Daenerys and Jon riding dragons throughout Winterfell and the surrounding areas was fantastic to watch.

Speaking of which, Jon spent most of the episode avoiding Daenerys (understandable, really) but eventually she caught up with him in the crypt, standing in front of Lyanna's statue.

There are only five more episodes left and the first one has been used to settle allegiances, set up defenses against the White Walkers, and speak the truth into fruition.

  • Salvatore Jensen