Might be Breaking Apple's Own Rules

Some Twitter users have pointed out that Apple News is not a third-party app and is not distributed through the App Store, which might exempt it from these rules. Aside from a laser-etched name and an engraved Apple logo, the card doesn't feature any identifying information.

CEO Tim Cook took the stage at Steve Jobs Theater on Monday to announce the Company's latest innovation: Apple Card.

Of course, this isn't the first time Apple has been accused of a double standard (and likely won't be the last.) Previously, Apple has been caught sending users uninvited push notifications regarding Apple Music and Carpool Karaoke. For instance, users earn 3 percent cash back on any Apple product purchases, and 2 percent back on anything bought with Apple Pay only.

As with all Apple product announcements (and, really, all credit cards), the important question to ask is: Is this product right for you? A credit card can be stolen, and its important numbers and security codes are exposed by default. For more on Apple's big event, check out all the details on Apple TV+ and every show that's coming to it.

While it's clear that Apple wants you to primarily use Apple Card with Apple Pay, there is a physical card you can also get. That has been estimated in comparison with other credit cards in this category such as Discover Card and Chase Freedom. There are cards in the market that don't charge any annual fee and offer comparable (or even better) cash back rewards. Thing is, Apple forbids developers from making things seem quite this simple, as spotted by iOS developer Dave DeLong...

What is competitive about the Apple card is that it got rid of late payment fees - which is rare. Users can use it anywhere in the world, at any store or online. These incidents only highlight how hard it is for third-party developers to compete against Apple's own apps.

"I think the unusual optic here is that credit cards are not necessarily innovation in payments, even with better rates and loyalty", Rivka Gewirtz Little, a global research director at analyst firm IDC who specializes in payments told The Verge.

"It will have no global fees or over-limit fees, and, perhaps most notably, no fees for missing a payment", the company's representative said.

AppleWhat other features does the Apple Card offer?

But there's another aspect Apple hopes will set it apart from other rewards programs: you get those rewards each day.

  • Salvatore Jensen