Reporter's Take | Will the Apple Card disrupt the industry?

Siri is your spirit guide. The offerings can be watched on any Apple devices.

The physical cards will prove to be useful for users where merchants don't acknowledge Apple Pay through an iPhone.

However, Apple will get only some of the content from the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times. And it comes with a bevy of perks - quick sign-up, elimination of most fees, strong security protections and cash back.

On the entertainment front, while we'll still have to wait until later this spring to get the next batch of Apple TV updates, iOS 12.2 will now give you the ability to play any video, show, movie or sports game in Apple TV just by asking Siri.

Another interesting feature teased alongside Apple Arcade is enhanced privacy and security, with Apple promising that the service will not collect user data or track information without consent.

The physical Apple Card is made of titanium. Also Apple Pay Cash will now be called "Apple Cash". Everything you need is right there on your phone - even tech support, reachable via text message.

According to Ann Thai, Apple Arcade will offer over 100 different games for players to enjoy once it launches in the Fall. Three things that contribute to those returns are interest on unpaid balances, fees for things like late payment, and complexity.

Kalpadia noted that the overall success of the card could depend heavily on the flexibility of credit standards by Goldman Sachs. All of this is no doubt alarming for Apple that had grown used to see nearly the lion's share of its revenue stream being contributed by iPhone and iPad sales. That number refers to the estimated 1.4 billion Apple devices in use worldwide.

As iPhone sales (and smartphone sales in general) are slowing, Apple wants to pull you deeper into its services ecosystem and make you uninterested in leaving. "By contrast, you don't need to use Uber to get high-end cash back from the Uber Visa Card (notably: 4% at restaurants)". It pays 2% cash back on all purchases: 1% when you buy and 1% when you pay.

For sure, turning the small amounts of fees from the card service into a huge revenue source is a long-term business.

Dreaming of a big sign-up bonus that can net you a free flight? It didn't take long for Steve Troughton-Smith, a popular iOS and MacOS "tinkerer" to discover a pretty significant flaw with the way Apple's service works on iMacs and MacBooks, MSPowerUser noticed. A travel rewards card can, though.

He conceded, however, that the Apple Card wins out from a customer service perspective, as it is powered by cloud-based back-end systems versus mainframe FDR/TSYS systems, allowing Apple to offer features like a virtual card, higher-end security, customized payments and other benefits.

  • Arturo Norris