Apple Arcade: A New Game Subscription Service For iPhone, Mac, And More

Disney and NBCUniversial are also among those poised to launch their own services in the near future.

This makes sense when you look at Apple's history with streaming services.

Last year, Apple said it had reached a multi-year deal with OprahWinfrey to create original programs which would be released worldwide as part of a lineup of original content.

Apple also introduced a titanium, laser-etched Apple Card backed by Goldman Sachs Group Inc and Mastercard Inc that can track spending across devices and pay daily cash back on purchases.

It follows a week of product news from the company, including new AirPods, a new iMac and a new iPad - begging the question: what will be the focus of the main event?

How can Apple set about achieving its content-streaming world domination goals? "There is massive pressure on Cook and Apple to deliver on services, with streaming content a potential linchpin of growth".

Apple will live stream its Show Time event on its dedicated events page, and the live stream was at the time of writing already playing, showing an empty Steve Jobs Theater.

Apple's news app will offer a premium news subscription service which would allow users to view paywalled content from platforms such as The New York Times, Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal among others.

Apple's video streaming service has been rumoured for quite some time.

The big tech war for viewers ignited a consolidation wave among traditional media companies preparing to join the fray.

Apple has reportedly spent more than $1.3 billion in the past year or so producing content and snapping up exclusive rights. The step underlines the change in the Apple business.

For the iPhone maker, which has spent the previous year neck-and-neck with Amazon and Microsoft as the most valuable business in the world, this has meant a significant slip in revenues.

Apple's to-be-launched new video subscription service is supposed to integrate its original programming and programming from other networks.

Apple's TV push has been cloaked in mystery.

Prior to the event, producers from shows like "Carpool Karaoke: The Series", space race period drama "For All Mankind", and more were seen among the crowd.

We've heard from reports earlier this year that Apple has been working on its very own gaming subscription service, which will work as a "Netflix for games". Likewise, Apple has been assembling a team of Hollywood veterans who know how to gin up Oscar and Emmy interest for awards season.

And, of course, Apple will compete against the giant - Netflix.

The company recently announced an iTunes Movies and TV app for Samsung televisions that could perhaps soon be expand to other non-Apple devices.

The company is going to face major competition from established players such as Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

  • Salvatore Jensen