Pound struggles to recover amid Brexit extension vote uncertainty

Following May's speech in Downing Street the previous evening, in which she blamed MPs for not accepting her deal, Fairbairn and O'Grady said: "The current deal or no deal must not be the only choice".

May is expected to put her Withdrawal Agreement back to the House of Commons early next week, seeking to overturn a 149 majority last week.

"We are not planning for a hard border and we have always said that".

"The 12 April will be a key date in terms of the United Kingdom deciding whether to hold European parliamentary elections".

Such a chaotic departure would undermine EU principles of fraternity and would not only deeply harm Britain economically but also several near European neighbors, including France and Ireland, EU leaders fear.

After two crushing defeats, Britain's prime minister is expected to try again to secure parliamentary support for the deal next week.

"Now it is finally up to the British political system", Mr Macron said, adding that any final decision must come ahead of the May 23 - 26 European Parliament election.

The EU is keen to prevent Britain remaining in the bloc during the elections, as legal advice has said any new parliament may be invalid if Britain doesn't stage a poll.

"So I think now it's nearly like a dam bursting, because we've been held back in a sense - it's nearly like last chance salon now". During the summit, the Luxembourg prime minister told reporters: "We are not in a souk and we are not going to bargain for the next five years". London and Brussels have both said they hope to have an agreement on future trade and security relations completed by this point.

But Theresa May rejected the message of the petition, when a No 10 spokeswoman said on Thursday evening that she anxious that cancelling Brexit would cause "potentially irreparable damage to public trust".

Aides later confirmed that Thursday's agreement means that no-deal Brexit was no longer a possibility on March 29, but stressed that it remained on the table if MPs have not approved the Withdrawal Agreement by April 12.

The Labour leader twice declined to rule out the option of halting Brexit by revoking the Article 50 letter informing Brussels of Britain's intention to quit, though a party spokesman later said revocation was "not in any way necessary". Thanks to blizzards of inadequate or downright mendacious news coverage over the years, millions of Britons may now have forgotten that it was not the European Union but their own Government that chose to close down the mines, decimate Britain's heavy industries, and devastate communities across Scotland, Wales and the north.

In the case of a longer extension, the main idea is for one-year, European Union officials said.

Asked by the Press Association whether she thought the public's view had shifted towards revoking Article 50, Mrs May said: "If you look back to what happened in the referendum, we saw the biggest democratic exercise in our history".

Ms Blaiklock has apologised for her "out-of-character comments" which she said "fell well short of what is expected in any walk of life".

  • Leroy Wright