Google Stadia Hides Secret Konami Code Easter Egg on Website

Google claims Stadia will reduce the friction between getting excited about a game and playing the game.

The search giant previewed its gaming ambitions with Project Stream, a test that allowed gamers to play a streamed version of Assassin's Creed Odyssey in Chrome web browsers, with the game streamed from a Google data center rather than running on the user's hardware. No download, no patch, no update, no install. At launch, the list of screens will include desktops, laptops, TVs, and phones. It features the ability to instantly switch to devices within seconds, making it possible to take your game experience anywhere - as long as you have a capable Internet connection that is. While it's arguably the best way to play, any existing controller scheme should work including controllers, mice, and keyboards. The advantage is that it will detect and connect directly via Wi-Fi to whatever game you are playing on whatever screen. For instance, whilst using Google's game streaming service, you could be watching a Twitch streamer play a game.

Many had predicted Google would launch something at GDC this week. Q-Games (the studio behind the PixelJunk series) is also working on a game for Stadia, but many other major triple-A titles showed up in stage demos as well, including Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Shadow of the Tomb Raider. For the future, Stadia is already preparing to upgrade those stats to 8K and 120+ fps. Counting Ubisoft among your partners for the new streamer is no small feat, and Google even poached the producer responsible for the franchise recently.

Interestingly, 9to5Google also snapped a photo of an empty display case, about the size in which one might expect a gaming console to sit. The claimed performance is also 78 percent higher than a Xbox One X, and 5.8x faster than a base model PlayStation 4.

To put it simply: Stadia is a streaming service that will allow people to play big-name and high-end games without having to own the latest or greatest hardware, software, or fancy gadgets.

Apple is reportedly building a Netflix-style gaming service.

Possibly most importantly, Stadia will embrace full cross-platform play. By pressing the above-pictured sequence, players enabled cheats and other effects.

Turning that on its head, Google Assistant (which is a button press away on the controller) can help you quickly find a YouTube video of somewhere that you're stuck in a game.

Set to release before the end of the year, Stadia will allow unprecedented access to games. "You can easily share a link and it works seamlessly". Thus, game streamers don't have to re-broadcast from their local connection.

  • Salvatore Jensen