Bernie Sanders Raises $4 Million on Day One of His Presidential Campaign

She was asked about Sanders Medicare-for-all idea.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's camp has said the Massachusetts Democrat raised $300,000 the day that she announced an exploratory committee and Sen.

"No, ma'am I don't think that's a fair statement", Sanders interrupted.

In a political ad he told supporters "now it's time to complete that revolution and implement the vision we fought for".

Sanders responded to the president in a tweet not long after.

The Sanders campaign didn't immediately respond to say whether the senator would sign the form.

Trump sized up Sanders' prospects for reporters in the Oval Office, saying, "Personally, I think he missed his time".

In an interview with SiriusXM radio, Sanders said voters "might want to look at who was there first, and who raised these issues in the past". Turns out that was the eighth time.

He joins an already-crowded Democratic race featuring candidates touting numerous ideas he brought into the party mainstream. He eventually lost out (scoring around 43% of the final vote) but many have pointed to the fact that he thrived in traditionally Democratic states which ended up going to Trump.

"It is a big number", Mele said, "but the easiest way to get there is through people who have already invested in you, and for them it is not that much money they are contributing". "He ran great four years ago, and he was not treated with respect by Clinton". Many former Sanders supporters and aides are looking at other options in a diverse field of Democrats that could top 20 well-known names. One that doesn't discriminate against old white males.

In announcing its fundraising haul, the Sanders campaign also said that "individuals contributed $600,000 in donations that will recur every month" - a huge, dependable grassroots donor base that will afford the campaign a consistent budgeting baseline. "I'm running for president because we need to make policy decisions based on science, not politics".

Bernie Sanders holds hands with fellow presidential challenger Tulsi Gabbard.

Since announcing his run for the Democratic nomination Tuesday, Sanders has raised $6 million, and Harrington noted he's driving "so-called mainstream candidates" to the left, such as Sen.

He asserted: "We have a President who is a racist, a sexist, a xenophobe". The one thing I'll say for Bernie Sanders is I truly believe that he is honest in what he wants, and that comes across to people, and that's a significant part of his popularity.

Sanders also faces different pressures in the #MeToo era.

"We are living in a pivotal and unsafe moment in American history", the senator from Vermont said in a video announcing his candidacy. His announcement video was viewed by more than 5.7 million people on social media, the campaign said.

  • Leroy Wright