Trump sued by 16 states over national emergency

California sued to block President Donald Trump from diverting funds from the federal budget to pay for his promised border wall, joined by more than a dozen states who say the move exceeds the power of his office. "He knows his emergency declaration is unwarranted, and he admits that he will likely lose this case in court".

On Monday, people braved the cold in states like New York, Maine and OH to carry signs calling for "No wall, offer asylum" and deeming the declaration a "Trumped up crisis".

President Trump blasted a coalition of 16 USA states led by California on Tuesday after they said they are suing over his border wall.

"Use of those additional federal funds for the construction of a border wall is contrary to Congress's intent in violation of the US Constitution, including the Presentment Clause and Appropriations Clause", the complaint said. "I have joined this lawsuit because I can not allow him to do that", Attorney General Keith Ellison said.

In the complaint, the coalition alleges that the Trump Administration's emergency declaration and diversion of funds is unconstitutional and otherwise unlawful. "It's not a crisis", Becerra said.

On Saturday's NBC show, Baldwin parodied Trump's press conference when he concocted a national emergency to divert funds to his cherished border wall that had been denied by Congress.

Earlier, Trump had said he knew that he did not need to declare an emergency to build the wall, a comment that could now undercut the government's legal argument.

Meanwhile, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra is preparing a lawsuit of his own, that he told CNN he'd be "filing sometime today".

California has repeatedly challenged Trump in court.

Another advocacy group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, sued the Justice Department on Friday, accusing it of withholding legal opinions, communications and other documents related to the president's decision to declare a national emergency. As a result, legal experts argue that fighting the declaration on the basis of the emergency itself will likely be hard.

BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI via Getty ImagesTrump walking back into the White House after announcing a national emergency last Friday.

Trump said he declared the national emergency because he was unhappy with the amount of money Congress authorized for border security.

This political deadlock culminated in the New Year with the longest government shutdown in USA history, as Democrats refused to give Trump the funding he was demanding to fund the wall.

Congressional Democrats plan to vote in coming weeks on a joint resolution that would repeal the national emergency, and they predict that some Republicans will support it.

  • Leroy Wright