Twitter rips Christian Hackenberg's AAF debut

On its debut night, the brand-new Alliance of American Football, out-scored James Harden. Many former NFL players are involved in the broadcasting and management aspect of it, while some former players are active in the league.

The NFL season is over and college football spring games are still a couple of months away. A 2014 New York Times study researched how many college football fans were in each county in the United States.

For the inaugural game, the Alliance of American Football averaged 2.913 million viewers between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. So, if you're looking for a team, or a way to help yourself become interested in the league, starting there couldn't hurt.

But, if he were to suit up, it seems unlikely he would. All eight of the league's teams have more than 20,000 Twitter followers and the league itself has 84,000-plus followers on Facebook. The Wake Forest product threw for 275 yards and four touchdowns.

Arizona quarterback John Wolford, a Jacksonville native who starred at Wake Forest, was the AAF's first Offensive Player of the Week after throwing for four touchdowns in a victory over Salt Lake. Despite major concerns about his National Football League future coming out of Penn State, Hackenberg was taken in the second round by the New York Jets.

There are few notable players and the league does feature some coaches who couldn't make it in the NFL like Rick Neuheisel, Mike Singletary and Steve Spurrier. Regardless if these players get another NFL shot or not, the AAF has given these men a place to showcase their talent on a national platform.

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick is the face of Nike's new campaign.

But they're getting paid, relatively speaking, with most players signing three-year deals worth a total of $250,000.

So, the big question is, will the AAF - or as they like to call themselves, "The Alliance", - be successful for years to come or will it fizzle out as other leagues have in the past?

"Quality football is important, but football is not the engine", Ebersol said. "You show up and you can play and you want to play in our league, then we want to talk to you ..."

"If I was a player and I wasn't on an active roster, absolutely jump in and play as much as you can play", Stoutland assessed. We hope they're gonna listen. We were taken inside the replay booth.

However, perhaps the biggest reason the AAF can help the National Football League is by both creating more jobs within the sport while also installing a program to help players find good work after their playing days are over. In addition, the AAF will cut the halftimes down to 13 minutes, have three-minute breaks between quarters, one-minute stoppages after punts, PATs and timeouts and a "sky judge" with the power to overrule officiating errors, according to Saturday's edition of the Houston Chronicle.

  • Julie Sanders