Xiaomi Shows Off Dual-Side Foldable Smartphone In A Official Video

Xiaomi is the fourth-biggest smartphone maker in the world. "They are appealing to gaming and video enthusiasts, but it is not yet certain that consumers are willing to pay more to access the new feature", Xiang said. The company did not mention when it will make the phone official.

Some are saying that 2019 will be the year of the foldable smartphone and that the trend established this year will last for a decade or so. This folding divides the smartphones into three distinctive panels. That's until Bin folds in both sides. It may not be too long before users can see this dual-foldable phone with their own eyes and feel the sweet flex technology in the palm of their hand. He then folds the screen on both sides and the tablet turns into a slimmer phone-sized device.

The symmetrical double folding smartphone looks certainly interesting; however, the cameras on the tablet cum smartphone are yet to be seen. The co-founder Bin scrolls through a video app and folds the display back. There is of course a lot of the OS we can not see in the video but the basics of the phone seem to be functioning perfectly. There is visibility of slight spinning off the screen. In tablet form the Android powered FlexPai, as the device was christened, is 7.8-inches. The company previewed a device with an Infinity Flex flexible display in November 2018, showing off what the display technology was capable of. Albeit more squat looking than the tall 18.5:9 aspect ratio of the S8. Xiaomi appears to have adapted its MIUI software for the foldable phone, and a video is seen playing on the device before it converts from tablet to phone mode.

The Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi's teaser, does not contain any details related to availability and pricing.

The Prototype generated so much buzz that Xiaomi has now come from behind the curtain to reveal it was indeed their prototype and has presented another video to prove it.

Bin later asked the Xiaomi followers to give their feedback on the double folding smartphone prototype considering the demand before thinking of producing the actual Xiaomi folding smartphone in the market.

Xiaomi's spokesman even pointed some major tech media outlets to a post on the Co-Founder's Weibo account.

  • Arturo Norris