Meizu and Vivo unveil phones without buttons or ports

In addition to the display doubling as the Meizu Zero's external speaker, it's also housing an in-display fingerprint sensor.

The Zero must be charged wirelessly because you can't connect a cable, but it boasts the fastest wireless charging available at 18W. With the mEngine 2.0 haptic engine, the users would receive tactile feedback whenever a "virtual side button" is tapped. Ask any Android user, and they'll tell you they need to hard-reset their phone at least once a month. That's because in today's world, a device with no ports just doesn't make sense.

In the past few years, we have seen phones shedding more and more ports, all in the name of saving up precious internal space or progressiveness.

Due to the almost holeless design, the Meizu Zero boasts an IP68 dust and water resistant rating allowing for up to 30 minutes underwater. Similarly, the phone doesn't have a speaker cutout as the company has put a piezoelectric transducer under the display to transmit the sound. However, there is another Chinese smartphone, Meizu Zero, that boasts some features Apple and Samsung have never thought to implement in their latest or upcoming iPhone and Galaxy S models. Unlike the norms, this device bears none of physical buttons, speaker cutout, 3.5mm jack port or a USB charging port. In place of the fingerprint reader, the Zero has an optical in-display fingerprint sensor. There are no physical buttons on the edges of the device but it does feature pressure sensitive edges.

A vibrating screen takes care of audio during calls and music playback, while, for once, wireless charging is now a priority on a device. Of course, the no opening concept also means there is no traditional SIM card slot here, and instead the device will support the eSIM standard.

Meizu hasn't announced all of the handset's tech specifications nor has it mentioned the phone's pricing. What will surprise you, however, is that the phone ditches USB-C connectivity in favor of 18-watt wireless charging. Nevertheless, apart from that, the phone has a seamless feel to it.

The camera section has a dual 12MP primary and 20MP secondary camera and the front selfie camera is 20MP.

Not surprisingly, the phone will be packaged with a wireless charging pad to give energy to the device. Furthermore, the smartphone also features a 5.99-inch AMOLED display, although the device maker did not provide specific information about the panel's resolution.

  • Arturo Norris