LeBron James loses defender with 360, stuffs slam

The Magic's French shooting guard, now in his seventh National Basketball Association season, is not afraid of taking big shots, as evidenced by his game-winning buzzer-breaking three-pointer that lifted Orlando to victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers in early November.

Without him L.A. has become stagnant and turnover prone.

Sure, Lakers fans want the league's best player to determine the outcome of games, but they shouldn't fault him for making a play he would opt for nine times out of 10.

Something that goes way too unnoticed about D.J. Augustin, largely because he doesn't do anything remarkably flashy, is that he commits very few turnovers, 1.1 per game to be precise.

He used the space to elevate over the paint while pulling the ball back in his right hand.

"I think we came out this year with high expectations compared to last year when we [were] underdogs", Jazz center Rudy Gobert said.

"The best thing about it, when we was turning the ball over, but we still held them in the half court".

They will be keen to stop a current two-game losing streak at the earliest possible opportunity. Orlando won 130-117 at home on 17 November. Mitchell would not return to the game, and Utah was without its biggest offensive threat for the rest of the game. He also hounded Russell Westbrook into a 6-for-23 shooting night.

Denver improved to 13-7 on the season Saturday night with a 105-98 victory at the Thunder. He gave us a huge lift.

That's because with James playing in the West now, he features more on the later time slots, hurting the viewership of the earlier telecasts. Offensively, the Lakers have LeBron and Denver has Nikola Jokic plus a plethora of shooters around him.

The Nuggets and their opponents' final score has beaten the Over/Under 2 times, while falling under 5 times.

In their most recent game against the Utah Jazz, the Lakers were able to outlast the Jazz in a 90-83 slugfest.

The 76ers trailed by double-digits for most of the game and were down by 13 with five minutes, 38 seconds remaining after a three-pointer by Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie.

A year ago L.A. took exception to Murray dribbling around Ball as the clock ran out on a Denver win.

Of course, the fall is not the NBA's main season, especially with National Football League ratings up this year.

Tuesday could provide more fodder for a burgeoning rivalry.

  • Julie Sanders