Donald Trump gets into ugly fight with reporter

In the interview, Mr Neal said Democrats did not win control of the House by promising to obtain Mr Trump's tax returns, and that it would not be the singular focus of his first year as chairman. "Women want safe neighborhoods for their families, great schools and health care for their children, and they want criminals to be thrown in jail or thrown the hell out of our country".

Investigations could gridlock a White House already besieged by the Russian Federation collusion investigation by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, heavily bogging down the administration's agenda and foiling Mr Trump's message. "This doesn't mean we go looking for a fight".

Several major races are still pending.

But the Democrats have now taken control of the House, after millions of Americans cast their votes in the midterm elections on Tuesday.

They couldn't topple the Democratic colossus in the state, Sen.

"No amount of spin can soften the blow of losing the House to the Democrats".

'Along with this the Republicans increased their majority in The Senate.

Democrats will pick up between seven to nine House seats in this region, and while they came up short in the Iowa governor's race, they now control three of the four House seats there.

"In terms of white women, they're sort of in the middle", Gill said.

Meanwhile, Democratic gains in Republican strongholds are widely interpreted as an impassioned rejection of Trump's agenda and style.

"It really could be a attractive, bipartisan type of situation". Over the past few weeks, I have spent a fair amount of time in airports and hotels across the country and found myself at the mercy of non-stop CNN coverage, much of it bogus.

Michigan's urban-rural divide "may be more stark now that population is moving more into urban and metropolitan areas, but that means that the suburbs begin to play a much bigger role, and I think we saw that in MI and across the country", he said.

"There's going to be a lot of noise, a lot of heat and a lot of light shed on Trump's foreign policy", said Aaron David Miller, a former State Department official who is a scholar at the Wilson Centre.

Tuesday's record-turnout midterm elections brought divided government back to Washington - a condition that Americans prefer more often than not, and one that, while unwieldy, offers the checks and balances that the Constitution enshrines. They have a long list of topics they plan to look into, including financial deregulation, Trump's business interests and Russia's election interference.

Asked why she was confident she could achieve bipartisanship, she quoted civil rights icon Martin Luther King and former President Ronald Reagan as inspiration.

He said infrastructure spending will be an area of potential cooperation. Fifty percent of voters said Trump's immigration policies are either "about right" (33 percent) or "not tough enough" (17 percent).

It's the most critical swing state in the country.

"I don't think we'll have any trouble finding time to do nominations", he told reporters.

Mr Howard Kurtz from Fox News, the network that Mr Trump loves to watch and to talk to, declared the loss of the House "a turning point".

The UK Daily Express went further and cited analysts who thought President Trump's trade war could "intensify" during the next Congress.

He said that holds true for the spending bills Congress must still negotiate by early December.

He told the nation he would love to work with Democrats - that it might, in fact, be a good thing that they won control of the House of Representatives - but he refused to back away from any of his divisive campaign rhetoric.

Republican leadership elections are set for next week.

He said he was waiting on the Florida results and possible recount, and said Arizona is "not close to over" with perhaps 600,000 ballots still outstanding.

"We will conduct the investigations that Republicans wouldn't conduct", Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell of California said on NBC's "Today" show.

But the tariffs were at best a minor issue in most races, even in hard-hit states such as North Dakota, Indiana and Missouri, which voted in Republican senators, strengthening Trump's hand in the chamber. Jon Tester claimed victory Wednesday.

Mr Trump has threatened to retaliate for any Democratic investigations with his own probes in the Senate into alleged "leaks of classified information".

A Republican governorship majority coupled with GOP victories in gubernatorial races in battleground states may also boost Trump in 2020, since governors hold veto power over redistricting measures.

Republicans successfully fended off some of the most high-profile Democratic challengers in Beto O'Rourke (Texas Senate Seat), Stacey Abrams (Georgia Governor), and Andrew Gillum (Florida Governor).

And Pelosi, during a news conference that was delayed because of Trump's lengthy remarks, said she had worked productively with President George W. Bush when she was speaker a decade ago on taxes and other issues, and she welcomed the chance to do so again with Trump.

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