Taste of the Cultures in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

To study every submarket with respect to individual growth trend and their contribution to the Breast Cancer Therapeutics industry.

The appearance and shape of your breasts reveal a lot about their health, and are the most important aspects in identifying cancers. every woman's body is unique and one would know their own body better than anyone else.

To help black women handle the issues surrounding a breast cancer diagnosis, Komen Colorado formed an African American Advisory Council in 2012.

In The Middle Place, acclaimed essayist Kelly Corrigan opens up about life, marriage, motherhood, family, and what it was like to learn her father had late-stage cancer shortly after being diagnosed with breast cancer herself. Patients taking it are also often operated on to remove the tumour/s. Tamoxifen is also prescribed to women whose milk-producing glands show abnormal cell formation, as this is often a precursor of breast cancer.

"A day doesn't go by where I don't see a cancer patient who has nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, pain, depression and insomnia", said Dr. Donald Abrams, chief of hematology-oncology at San Francisco General Hospital and a professor of clinical medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. For many, the idea of losing one breast or both to cancer is unfathomable.

"Of course October is Breast Cancer Awareness month certainly we perform more mammograms in October than any other month, so we encourage all women to prevent breast cancer by scheduling a screening mammogram and by talking to their physician about the risk factors", said Eddie Scott, Director of Radiology Services at Western Kentucky Diagnostics.

The Screening had become an annual event on the Calendar of the Rotary Club of Sekondi/Takoradi with publicity support from the Empire FM, a member of the EIB media network, to create awareness on the disease and the need for early detection to save lives.

Mammography of breasts from healthy to early stages of cancer. Hence it is of utmost importance to understand your breast's health, and undergo routine checkups for a higher chance of successful treatment.

Another report published in September 2018 by the World Health Organization's (WHO) International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) suggests a total of 1,054 (22.4 per cent) cases of breast cancer were found in 2018 in UAE alone, that count for 22.4% of all cancer cases, making it the worst case among women.

A significantly large percentage of patients diagnosed with breast cancer bore children before the age of 30 - 86% had their first child born before they were 30 years old, 14% had their first child after the age of 30.

"Why are women, black women dying more than white women?" said Drayton.

For example, without a screening, when lung cancer hits a 67 year old the five year survival rate is zero and odds are that person will succumb to the cancer by 70.

"Some days I'm actually grateful".

Mitchell added that the Alexa tool will also prompt users who may think they have one or more of the symptoms to get it checked out by their GP.

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