Vancouver vigil to honour the victims of deadly synagogue shooting

The Tree of Life Synagogue is in the Squirrel Hill neighbourhood that is the heart of Jewish life in greater Pittsburgh.

It's already started. They're messaging, texting, tweeting, and even calling into my radio/TV show.

"This killing in Pittsburgh has nothing to do with Donald Trump".

Numerous anti-Semitic canards that define this ancient hatred involve power: that Jews hold sinister, mysterious and outsized influence.

"You know, you're always anxious that something would happen", said Myron Snider, head of the cemetery committee for New Light Congregation, which meets at Tree of Life. "He absolutely loved going to synagogue". "Social media often brings out the best and the worst of humanity".

As one of our loyal readers, we ask you to be our partner. "We appreciate the list of friends you have provided". Although heightened sensitivity to bullying probably helped increase the number of reported incidents, it's likely that Jewish students aren't reporting all of the attacks against them because of the nature of schoolyard bullying, ADL said.

HIAS is one of nine national refugee resettlement agencies which partner with the United States government.

Dark skin and "Muslim" are triggers for bigots like the cowardly terrorist and his buddies on social media.

In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, when science was the paradigm, Nazis attempted to prove through science that the Jews were a uniquely evil race.

Rabbi Jeffrey Myers of the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh, speaks to "Good Morning America, Oct. 29, 2018".

Francis led prayers for Pittsburgh on Sunday in St. Peter's Square, a day after a gunman who had expressed hatred of Jews opened fire in the synagogue during Sabbath services, killing 11 people. I think it's really hard to have those conversations with people because, on the one hand, yes it's true there is a group that is the cause of all of our problems, so that part is true. "I don't believe in oppressing people on the basis of their religion or ethnicity, and the state of Israel goes against everything I was taught to think about Judaism and know about Judaism". "Most of the time they were clean jokes". Six more people were injured.

Melber began the segment by reporting that Federal Bureau of Investigation data showed a dramatic increase the day after President Donald Trump won the 2016 election and playing clip after clip of TV reports on hate crimes during the Trump era. He wrote of a Jewish "infestation", using a slur for Jews.

But this wasn't entirely an anti-Semitic attack, by the attacker's own words.

"And really when we gather together once a week, this is always a day of goodness, of blessing and that really is what this community, this congregation, this synagogue, in Pittsburg was doing, the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh was doing".

The oldest was a 97-year-old woman, Rose Mallinger, and the youngest a 54-year-old man, David Rosenthal, who died with his brother Cecil, 59.

Other faith-based groups involved in the effort are the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Episcopal Migration Ministries, Church World Service and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services. According to this line of thought, critique of supranational institutions like the EU, NAFTA, and the United Nations is rooted in a corrupted ideology of racial nationalism that in its most powerful incarnation, produced the Holocaust.

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