Feds nab Florida man on mail bomb charges

Ari Fleischer, former press secretary for President George W. Bush, admonished Trump for some of his harsh rhetoric and said "this is a time for the president to focus 100 percent on lifting the nation up and 0 percent on the political ramifications".

"His mind doesn't seem to operate like most peoples'", Lowy said. "He wasn't doing his job, I'll tell you that", the suspect's longtime friend and fellow DJ Scott Meigs admitted. "He wasn't paying attention". "I could really tone it up because as you know the media's been very unfair to me and the Republican Party", he said.

Trump initially appeared to blame the "mainstream media" for the bombings, in a series of explosive tweets.

Like Trump, Sayoc despised CNN, posting a photo montage on July 2 that appeared to threaten its NY headquarters with an inferno.

Sayoc's previous run-ins with law enforcement date back to at least when he was 29-year-old.

After Sayoc was taken into custody, the Federal Bureau of Investigation confirmed they found another package on Friday evening.

That break allowed authorities to narrow their search, which - combined with DNA and fingerprint samples left on a package sent to Rep. Maxine Waters and cell phone geolocation information - led to Cesar Sayoc, even as new devices were being found in NY and California.

FBI Director Chris Wray said Sayoc left a fingerprint on the IED sent to California Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

FBI Director Christopher Wray, speaking at the same news conference as Sessions, said 13 IEDs were sent in the packages, and each mailing included 6 inches of PVC pipe, a small clock and potentially explosive material.

Law enforcement officials said Mr Sayoc resides in Aventura, Florida. With that, authorities began zeroing in on Sayoc on Thursday, gathering mobile phone records to track his past movements and conducting real-time surveillance of his location and activities, the official said. They were believed to have been fashioned from bomb-making designs widely available on the internet, according to a federal law enforcement source.

The police department said the FBI investigated a home linked to Sayoc Friday afternoon.

The charges include interstate transportation of an explosive, illegal mailing of explosives, threats against a former president and other people, making threatening interstate communications, and assaulting current or former officers.

This comes after Ritchie tweeted a screenshot on Friday of a tweet she received from the Altieri Twitter account.

President Donald Trump said Friday he has no plans to call former President Barack Obama or other individuals who were the intended targets of pipe bombs mailed this week.

Daily Star Online earlier revealed how Sayoc's social media accounts showed he was "obsessed" with Trump.

Sayoc was initially somewhat cooperative, one official said.

Florida's Department of State records show that Sayoc was registered in Florida as a Republican. He was previously charged with larceny, grand theft and fraud.

Court documents show Sayoc pleaded guilty to the charges.

Asked on Friday about pro-Trump stickers or signs on the van allegedly driven by the suspect, Trump said: "I did not see my face on the van". Cory Booker and Kamala Harris. The FBI said it had identified no other possible matches on the evidence it had examined. It is addressed to former Central Intelligence Agency director John Brennan and contains a photograph of him marked with an "X". The bubble-wrapped manila envelopes, addressed to Democrats such as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and intercepted from DE to California, held vital forensic evidence that investigators say they leveraged to arrest Sayoc four days after the investigation started.

  • Leroy Wright